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Our ice machine broke over the weekend. CRISIS! Thank god it's fixed now. I am totally addicted to eating ice, I sit with a 1 liter mug full of it next to me all day long. Whenever the ice machine goes out, I seriously lose it. Ice trays just aren't the same because they don't freeze fast enough for some reason. But anyways, it's fixed now and that's all that matters. Yes, I know chewing ice is bad for me. Yes my teeth are going to fall out. I don't care. Everyone has their vices, and considering mine is chewing ice and not drinking heavily or smoking or furryporn I think I am doing ok.

This weekend I finally got the Halloween decorations down. Go me! It's only a week til Thanksgiving! I have so much to do this week. I am going to write it all here so I can remember. Tomorrow Zoe starts Tae Kwon Do. Have to remember to take her down there at five (Evan is in the advanced class at six now) Tuesday grep has to go get her annual shots at the vet. Also tuesday night Evan and I need to make empanadas for the school's International Thanksgiving Feast: "bring something that represents your cultural heritage and family tradition!" cj_ and I were joking about this since the kids are such mutts. "Frozen pizza! a six pack of tacos from taco bell! Mac&cheese!" We finally just decided on empanadas because they are easy to make, kids like cookies, kids like jam, and it represents two sides of his culture, the mexican side from me, and the danish side from his dad (using danish jam as a filling) Wednesday the kids get out early. Thursday I gotta get up early and make food to bring to my aunt's for Thanksgiving. This weekend I wanna go down to Monteray and go to the aquarium and pick up the bedframe that heather is so kindly giving us for V. Who is, incidentally, back and just as irritating as ever.

My room is all super cozy. I hung up some more pictures and stuff today, and V and I stopped by Toast's house tonite after dinner to pick up a space heater he gave me. So now it's actually warm in there even though it is (11:46PM <madcow> Brisbane, California: 45F/7C, humidity: 66%, wind: SE at 5mph, Scattered Clouds) out. I want someone to come visit me now. Open invitation to come spend the night at my house! well as long as you aren't a creepy internet stalker. We also hit up Target where I knocked yet another person off my XMAS list. I am halfway done shopping and it's not even December yet. Go me! Now to get those Christmas cards out and figure out what craft project the kids can make this year for their own presents.

Well this update certainly was pointless. Here, have a link or two to make up for it. Fresh memes, straight out of the oven folks.
munching ice....
means you're not getting enough IRON in your diet.

User BudFairy had the same cravings until her doctor told her to take iron suppliments.

ice craving gone.
Re: munching ice....
yeah i know. I have had the same ice craving for like ten years now. The problem lies in the fact that I can't take iron supplements and regardless of how much I change my diet, I still remain pretty anemic. At this point my doctor just throws up his hands and my dentist says things like "well at least you have some nice dentures picked out"
Re: munching ice....
I am also addicted to ice and have read that taking iron supplements would help...and I have the damn vitamins, but I dont remember to take them all the time, and quite frankly, I LIKE the ice almost too much to give it up! I can related to the ice machine break down panic!, this is sad...and I'm picky about my ice too, it has to be from MY freezer, because it's soft water and the ice softens up nice after store bought stuff for me...
In my Nutrition 101 class, we learned that chewing ice is an eating disorder. It falls under the diagnosis of pica, which is the consumption of non-foods. I wigged out. SINCE WHEN IS ICE NOT FOOD?
Everyone has their vices, and considering mine is chewing ice and not drinking heavily or smoking or furryporn I think I am doing ok.

I love eating ice. It's been a vice for years.
I can definitely relate. Try buying a bag of ice from SONIC. It is absolutely awesome! Soft small Ice pellets. I crave it constantly. $1/bag of ice. Just a little FYI for you.
eating ice. . .
maybe you're not aware of it but eating ice is a gateway vice that leads to a downward spiral until all you'll be thinking of is where to get your next fix. . . if i remember correctly, ice addiction has seven distinct phases breaking down like this:

1. you "innocently" eat one or two ice cubes while reading sweet valley high or battlefield earth and listening to bjork. . .

2. you decide ice trays just aren't efficient enough and make the switch to a fridge with an ice maker. . . abba becomes your music of choice. . .

3. you sit around with a 1-liter mug full of ice next to you all day long and wig out if your ice maker conks out on you. . . ice-t has made it onto your itunes playlist. ..

4. you start making excuses to hang out in motels so that you can yoink 5 buckets of ice at a time from the ice machines. . . you listen to nwa, pretending that it's for eazy-e but in actuality it's for ice cube. . .

5. before you know it you start stealing ice from your friends and family's freezers - maybe even the work freezer. . . you give up on listening to nwa and have now just starting listening to ice cube's solo efforts. . .

6. once you've alienated your friends you start hanging around safeway's ice freezers with other ice-addicted hoodlums, all of you standing around listening to vanilla ice's "ice ice baby" on your boomboxes. . .

7. the end of the road is when you break all social contact with everyone and start sneaking into 7-11s to stick your head under their ice dispenser in order to mainline that stuff straight into your mouth while the haunting strains of the soundtrack to vanilla ice's big screen debut "cool as ice" pump through your snow-colored ipod's headphones. . .

the seven stages of ice addiction are a sad and painful thing to witness in a friend or family member but at least it's nothing like the nine stages of the bellybutton-lint pickers. . .

Re: eating ice. . .

the best thing is that I have ratings for ice, for places other than home that I frequent. IE my parents house has super good ice, but my real dad's house is sub-par ice. I also have all my friends houses rated. Some friends I visit just to eat their ice D:
Re: eating ice. . .
uh oh, now the friends you don't visit very often are gonna think, "crap, my ice sucks" while the friends you *do* visit are gonna think, "she's only loves me for my ice!". . . :^P

Fuzzy Memories
I remember being over at a friend's house, a middle aged woman. I was getting ice for my drink and refilling the tray when she came into the kitchen, gasped, and said "You know how to make ice?!?!?". It's amazing how many people don't.
I knew something was bugging me about this post. Finally it hit me and I had to go searching for the evidence.

"...they inheritated my hatred of water..." (H.K., 11-18-2003)
"I am totally addicted to eating ice..." (H.K., 11-24-2003)

What the hell is up with that?

In other news, I am so tempted to take you up on the open house just to meet the little'uns! Good luck to Zoe on Tae Kwon Do, I hope she stays with it longer than I did. I stayed in for two or three years (age 8-10 or so) and finally got a green belt, while my mother went all the way and got her black belt. She still kicks my friend Eric as her way of saying hello.
It's true. I have this irrational hatred of drinking water. I can't stand it and it always makes me feel queasy. I can only drink it if there is lemon or lime in it or SOMETHING to get rid of that none-taste (V has started me stocking limes at home to put in the water so I will drink it.) HOWEVER I eat ice constantly. Now Zanie eats ice all the time too. Ice has a subtle taste to it, and besides it's the chewing that I really like too. Weird huh? At resturants instead of a glass of water I ask for a glass of just ice, it always confuses them.

Yeah Evan is almost to his green belt now, I think he will stick with it. I am not sure how long Zoe will go, unfortunately in the fall it conflicts with soccer for her, so we will have to figure out what to do next year (This is the first year she can do TKD) She is super excited.

I am thinking about having a bookswap at our place soon, have everyone bring over books they don't want anymore and trade them around for something better. Or we can all just take the kids to the park and let them run around and you can meet them then :) Zoe likes breaking into abandoned buildings@ ha!
The *only* and I mean *only place I can drink water is a chinese buffet place. And it's the only thing I'll drink there. And it has to have ice in it. I've never really understood the whole eating ice, but I don't condemn it. Yes, it is better than smoking or furry porn. And I'm so bored I'm replying to this post which is prolly days old by and now and I can't shut up because there's nothing else to do and I'm going insane and such...I should sleep. Now where's my frying pan?
Love dat ice
Taco bell has the best ice. A giant cup of air filled ice discs are my fave. It really ticks off the drive thru guy when i just order a giant cup of ice. chew on, sister
ice eaters anonymous
it felt good to run across this web site. i have started my mornings lately with a 24 ounce(its the biggest cup i have) cup of ice on my way to work rain or shine. i almost look forward to my ice more than my coffee in the morning. i have also become an ice snob. i too have my favorite places for ice. my dad was in the hospital recently and they had the most wonderful ice machine with tiny pellets of tasty ice very easy on the teeth. everyone of my friends knows my addiction which has been going on about 5 months now. my husband doesn't understand and i have't been able to explain it. it's nice to know i'm not weird(or at least not alone). This goes on til i'm ready for bed snuggling up with blankets while i dip into my last cup at about 10:30.
Re: ice eaters anonymous
yep i bring a last cup into bed and chew it all before I sleep.

I love that pellet ice! The ones shaped like tiny cylinders, that are really soft? Those rule!
Re: ice eaters anonymous
I was just checking to see what my craving of ice stems from. I eat it all the time, and get upset when the tray is not refilled. Im addicted to it, the taste...I just cant explain it
this has been going on for years. Thanks for letting me know Im not the only one
Stacey Ross
Re: ice eaters anonymous
my ice eating is getting way out of hand. To love me is to love my ice cup. Everyone who knows me knows my cup. One of my friends told me,"i could never get used to eating ice, it makes me too cold", I am not looking for recruits. As far as i am concerned the fewer of us the better. I fill my cup in the grocery stores(they have soda stations in most of them now), fast foods i just drive right up and with my order i ask if they could please fill my 36 oz. cup. Their only response is, "just ice?!". My husband who could not stand my habit 9 months ago, was watching t.v. with me a few nights back when i suddenly notice this crunch, crunch between my crunch, crunches. I felt myself getting a little upset not just because of the hard time he gave me when i started, but because i began to realize my ice maker could not accomodate both of us should he become "hooked" also. If i could stop this i would. But the dry mouth feeling i get as soon as my cup is empty is so overwhelming. I feel i have to immediately fill my cup all over again. i know this addiction will soon take its toll on my teeth. When the craving comes over me i could care less about my teeth. But i really would like to know how i can stop. Anyone out there with a cure please let me know. I would also like to know if this is connected to the smells that i crave like new rubber tires, permanent markers(you know the great smelling ones with the rectangular tips), and gasoline fumes.
ice eaters anonymous
it felt good to run across this web site. i have started my mornings lately with a 24 ounce(its the biggest cup i have) cup of ice on my way to work rain or shine. i almost look forward to my ice more than my coffee in the morning. i have also become an ice snob. i too have my favorite places for ice. my dad was in the hospital recently and they had the most wonderful ice machine with tiny pellets of tasty ice very easy on the teeth. everyone of my friends knows my addiction which has been going on about 5 months now. my husband doesn't understand and i have't been able to explain it. it's nice to know i'm not weird(or at least not alone). my munching doesn't stop until i'm ready to go to sleep. the whole evening i'm snuggled up with my cup and blanket until i drop off.
Ice eating
I hae been addicted to eating ice for 5 years now. I drive my husband and my son crazy. Crunching and munching all the time. I have to go into my bedroom and shut the door to eat my ice in private. It all started like 3 days after I delivered my daughter. People just don't understand. I am so anemic that I have to take 3 iron pills a day, but I am so terriable at remembering to take them. My Dr. keeps telling me that I am getting very close to getting a blood transfusion. My sister in law had like 4 transfusions back to back and now she does not crave ice like before. She goes and gets some kind of Iron shots.
Ice Eater
addicted to ice
I too am addicted to ice - I love it. Found this site doing a 'google' search - now how sad is it to look up other ice-eaters?

I am an ice-snob. I do not have a fridge with ice-maker unfortunately and I have to buy my stuff because there ice trays don't make ice quick enough.

Recently found the BEST ice going. Went to Morrisons and it was two 2kg bags for £1.50 which is a bargain and the ice is lovely and soft with a cloudy look to it, almost white. Makes shewing it lovely.

Glad to have shared this with you!

Mandy x
Re: addicted to ice
If your ice trays dont make it fast enough, try filling them only 1/2 or 1/3 full. It freezes faster. :)
eating ice
oh my goodness, I am totally obsessed with eating ice too, however I prefer crushed ice, which doesnt help, because most buisnesses have upgraded to cubed ice, and I have a hard time finding crushed ice, so I resort to either freezing ice in the ice tray but not feeling it up all the way, or taking ice cubes and puting it in a strong plastic bag and crushing it myself.
Re: eating ice
My boyfriend got me an ice crusher last summer from ikea. You put it in and grind it up with the handle and perfect crushed ice comes out. get one!
Re: eating ice
Just a little FYI for you. You can purchase bags of ice as SONIC DRIVE IN believe or not. Their ice is small and tiny cubes which are soft and perfect. Cost is $1/bag. Give it a try. When my Icemaker cannot keep up with me, I go to Sonic and purchase a bag, which lasts for about a day, then I go back to my cubes which I let set out for awhile to soften them up.
i am the biggest ice addict!!
i went on a date once and this guy said to me, "for our next date sweetie, i'll just buy you a bag of ice and sit under a tree, you're a cheat date!" that was over 20 years ago and i love ice more than ever. there's this sub shop in miami - which i was lured to by my co-workers - subs are just OK. but to my surprise they have the crushed ice maker, self serve (oh my gosh). by the way i am anemic, this may contribute but i just love the way it feels on my tongue and mouth. i think it calms me. it most certainly numbs me. sometimes i'm like a doo doo doo a dah dah dah. anyways thanks for letting me share stories.
Ice-eaters Anonymous (founder?)
Thank heavens that I found this place....After trying to convince my family (and myself, for that matter) that I'm not pregnant, I have finally accepted the fact that I have an Ice-eating addiction. Everyone around me gets annoyed.......but I just can't stop, I have to have it. A friend of mines asked me why I did it; What did I say? "It tastes better than water", was my reply. Whether it made sense to them or not, it was my rationale. I know that I'm anemic, but I don't want the craving to go away because I enjoy it too much. To make matters worse, I work in a hospital where they have the pellet ice, and I actually opt to do over time.......why? For the availability of eating the ice, not the money! And when I can't have the pellets and I eat all the bagged ice from the store, I take the ice try and a spoon and I bang the back of the spoon on the ice to break it up and eat it. I do this mid-day or mid-night. It drives my family crazy, but what can I do? For the love of all that is holy, someone show me some support with this habit of mine!!!!! Is there going to be an AAA-like group for ice-eaters starting soon?
airy light AMAZING ice mmmm drool
I found this website through goole like an earlier poster: I have been obsessed with ice for about a year, one day I accidentally caught a piece of ice in my mouth when drinking my beverage, I didn't want to spit it back into my cup so I just bit into it, HEAVEN! I have literally gotten out of bed and gone to sonic for their ice. (okay I just went to sonic which is about a minute away from my house and they sold me a bag of ice ahhh! amazing and it is a franchise) anyways I know I can't be anemic b/c I give blood every 56 days and my iron is always high enough so I don't know whats up with me
Re: i am the biggest ice addict!!
I have been addicted to ice now for about half ayear. I used to be picky. I would only eat the "good" ice. But here lately, I like all of it. I to am anemic. Sometimes when I am eating ice, I just go into this trance. Its so relaxing and hypnotic. Usually when I eat my ice I have to have a little water in it to soften it up.It pisses my dad off. He paid alot for braces and fillings, and here I am fuckin em all up. Oh yea my son is doin it to and he's only 5! where will end?

Yes! I love ice to look a forum for ice cravers YUMMY Im glad Im not the only ice eater! Yes its tied to anemia but just like you I cant take supplements and no matter what I do I cant absorb enough from my diet. I found that cooking in an iron cast skillet works. Seriously. But the foggy, frosty white peices of ice are the best, and the snowy peices are even better!
Ice chewing
I dont think is anemia. I dont have any and still do.
omg I'm so addicted to ice too! I crunch and I crave and I eat and I slurp it I just love ICE! When I get grounded my punishment is that i cant eat ice! Thats how serious it is! I'm so addicted to ice that I know good ice from bad ice and the right places to get it from lol I'm insane!