pacman inkee


I just fished the 1 Ring in WoW:

The 1 Ring
Binds when equipped
Requires Level 10
+1 Strength
+1 Agility
+1 Stamina
+1 Intellect
+1 Spirit
Item Level 15
"Not quite as good as the 2 Ring"

I also fished the 22lb Catfish, 19lb Catfish, and 17lb Catfish. It has been a good fishing day.
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Oh lord, WoW addiction is contagious.

Weren't you the one that was making posts about his fiendish behavior?
Re: WOWvictim
ive been sick :( it passes the time since going out hurts
Re: WOWvictim
ahh, crap, sorry to hear it. well you're excused from WoW mockery then. Feel better.
omg so old meme.. my lvl 60 totally found this drop while auto-fishing in winterspring PS rpgs are for nerds.

ps i think regulate is going to kill me in my sleep for the ring. he keeps muttering about his precioussssssssssssssss
level 10 in like a week is pretty damn awesome hen....i "completed" WoW a few months back, having reached lvl only took me 3 months! yeah, go me >.<


p.s get guild wars. almost as good but FREE!
Guildwars is blasphemy. Warcrack ftw, nub. Only 50k more xp til the ever-beautiful ding of 60...
omglols! Doomed!!1

You rolled a Horde toon, I hope.

--Occipitus, 60 Troll Mage, Illidan
I want! I'd trade my voodoo mask for it if I could :(
They got you too! Damn it, I fish too. Damn.

Bloodscalp here :) I like the PVP battlegrounds way too much.
ooo i LOVE battlegrounds. you know when I picture WoW players, you are like, the LAST person who comes to mind!@ THEY DONT HAVE PRADA IN WOW hehehe
OMG, do you know what I have seen? All these straight geeky guys are playing and never have I seen straight men become so incredibly gay about clothing as they do on WoW. Suddenly, the men who never cared about clothing in real life are FREAKING OUT at the Auction House over their new Epic Armour. And jumping up and down mad because something doesn't "match" right. Never have I seen men become the guys from Queer Eye so quickly. I thought it was just women. But nooooo, straight men totally freak out in WoW. If "epic" were a label, they would all be big whores.

Man, if there were a guild full of gay men, I would beg them to let me join in a second. Otherwise, guilds....I am thinking I never fit in, in guild chat they will start talking about their armour and I will say "looks like Gaultier Spring 2001!" and there is just this "......." all over the place. I feel lost and alone in there :) This is why I play battlegrounds :D I am Alliance, and usually I suck really bad and the horde spits on me. Then I sneak up behiind them and stab them and freak out and scream and run.

I have a level 60 rogue, there I have admitted my dorkiness. I feel much better now.
you need to make a wow post. srsly i lolled so hardand it was first thing in the morning before even having my coffee!
I'm on Illidan too - are you horde or alliance? BTW fishing rocks!

Pasey - NE Priest
i am horde, undead warlock! FOR THE HOOOOOOOOORDE hehehe if you are alliance get me a cat! i want one so bad!
Which cat? There is a rare spawn (not really that rare) that sells a white kitten, or there are the cats from the "cat lady". The cat lady sells black, orange and maine coon cats. There is also a siamese cat, you get him from one of the mini bosses in the Deadmines instance (also called VC).

We'd have to arrange a way for you to get it - I could put it on the auction house in gadget, but you would probably have to have someone else pick it up since your warlock is too little to get there.
omg awesome! my boyfriend has a lvl 50 orc hunter so he said he will go get it for me. omg i am so excited i have been trying to get one for forever but they never come on our auction house! how much do you want for it? I have to go quest to make gold because i just lvled and spent all my money on training :*(