The first anti-war banner I've seen that I don't agree with.

You just know the pro-war nutjobs will latch onto this for their "all liberals hate freedom and kick puppies" campaign.
the point is that too many liberals are getting into "support the troops not the war" which just dilutes the anti war point and codify's the right ANYWAY.

I think more people should spit on veterans when they come home like they did in vietnam.

only it's more deserved now... because there's not a draft

I grew up very poor and i'm in lots and lots of debt now but i figured out a way to pay for college without strapping a gun on and other people can

so yeah..

fuck the fucking troops
pwned :(

True, but as far as I know, it's the only autonomous territory without a military.
i wouldn't think whole point is.. that if you're going to be anti-war be anti-war in its totality.

It's disingenious to pick and choose the parts of war you wish to support and the parts you wish to deride.

Support the war and not the troops is a cop out. It's a watering down of the leftist position. Again, it's something that the right doesn't have to do.

We're playing their games with that position. Don't think like an elephant etc etc etc
It's pretty hard to support the troops after hearing about reprisal slaughters and watching videos of them lamenting their orders to not gun children down.
i meant to say support the troops and not the war..

i'm drunk off of work!!!!

but yeah you're right
     you could make an arguement that, just as with the police, while the job they do may be useful and good, the people who sign up to do it in practice often join in order to take out their daddy issues on somebody weaker. and besides, different militaries do different stuff. it's hard not to know that when you join the us military, you're personally volunteering to invade iraq.
For a long time Japan didn't have a military. Around the same time, they grew into an economic powerhouse ...
They had something better than their own military. They had americans doing it for them because they (and only now are talking about reforming it) had their constitution written by MacArthur and friends to not have a standing military, but rather a self defense force.

(hint: pick a better example of a pacifist society than one steeped in hundreds of years of bushido.)

I think you've hit upon the correct strategy here though. We should outsource our infantry to mexico.

After they retire after 22 years of service, they can start mowing lawns.
=] I knew someone would notice that. But the morning isn't complete without a spurious interjection.
Weren't they commie/dictatorship for awhile? That doesn't seem so keen to me.

You stole my ellipses.
fuck you you stupid little civilan! three shots and your fucking pathetic life is over! ARMY PRIDE!
actually, ive served overseas for 4yrs. not for this gay country tho :D hugs tho.
Basically the nut jobs at both extremes love each other...hell they need each other. Without the synergy of their reciprocal fuck-witery they would have no play at all.
If their point was to troll, then yeah this would be a Hall of Infam-er. However that's not their point at all.
its trolling. those arent real anarchists. real anarchists dont shower or wash their clothes.
     awesome. what's the "A" and "E" in the bottom left?
     i am proud that there are brave men and women in this country willing to get curbed by the cops to protect my right to drama.
It's almost enough to make we want to troll a den of freepers.