the bantown high councle looks awfully gay.

Whos the one thats not weev?
hep and regulates ovioular heads are EDUCATED STUPID by false academia (ALSO IMPURE)
weev's cubed head, with 4 symmetric hemispheres is PURE

lol re weevcube face
wget -qO- | sed -ne 's/<[^>]\+>//g;H;${x;y/\r\n/  /;s/&nbsp;/ /g;s/[ \t]\+/ /g;s/[-*=\.]\{5,\}//g;s/\([^\.]\+\.[^\.]\+.[^\.]\+\.\) /%%\n\n\1\n\n\t-\n\n/g;p}' | fmt

Ye gads, escaping that correctly was a pain in the tube.

you're mugu, and your skills are not yet as great as mine.
therefor you are not allowed to speak down to me, carpet muncher
wait..he used to use a flat iron?


just when I think he can't get any gayer...

p.s. don't forget you must develop a "wendy jill miller" id, babycakes.

p.p.s. I am coming down to see DM next thursday, I might need a crash pad, dunno for sure yet. what you up to?
too bad it's april, this would make an excellent xmas bbq card