yes! bad oclet!

the pets are fine. it wasnt that near us. we were by all the reporters tho
(CBS5's news guys can't spell englishes well)

Clay Holstine, the Brisbane City Manager said, "It's always very scary any time you see a fire on the mountain but we have tremendous resources that come to bare." *should be bear*
I think your career as an interwebs camwhore has reached new heights. hah

I should call my parents huh.... Man I remember the fire of 87, or was it was like war. All the dads went up the hill to fight the fire, and they all came back with poison oak. Yay for helicopters.
Ha ha! "Dude, I love fire! I want it to burn as many homes as possible!"

Tahoe has that problem. "Nature" meant fire completely destroying the basin and clearing out brush... then humans moved in and decided they didn't want their resort cabins burning down.

Also, there were a few fires in Reno this weekend too, a 100-acre fire and a 7,000 acre fire. The 7,000-acre fire was in the same area as a fire that broke 3 years ago, when I got some good pics from my yard.
Ahh yes, the Reno fires... they're SUPPOSED to happen, yet the more they stop the brush from burning, the bigger the next one will be. Until it finally takes out shit like Stead.
I just had to show my news reporter roommate that so he would a)see how silly his kind can make people look and b)believe that you are REAL
Holy crap!

The kids are very photogenic! =)

(not that you aren't!)
Gay Firefighter Saves Hippie Family
Someone was quoted out of context in a news story? That never happens.

Wow... glad everything/everyone is okay.