pacman inkee


These people think that they have discovered the secret identity of one of the YTYC trolls: me. I find having tributes made about trolls I did not even do the highest form of flattery imaginable. I am hated merely for existing :)
every faggot with windows movie maker thinks he's ed burns

also i dont get the relevance of the random lolcats? are they just internet cool and hip?
ps also congrats i think you are internet celeb +1 now
Hahahahaaaa WOW!

That was fucking awesome. I love it!


*insert non-sequitor lolcat here*
the cats were the WTF part of it. ok, you have beef with someone so you bust out the lolcats? wow.

the youtube commentary is getting to be lultastic.
this is truly awesome. the commentary on his/her/its youtube is even better. dude, wtf.
I am out of it and don't know what a YTYC troll is. However:

1. xEmoTronx <- bahahahaha

2. lolcats? how or what does that... oh forget it.

3. Why always shitty techno on everything? Why not Brahms or honking noises?

4. I forgot that pic of you with the good/evil stuffed animal. So great.

In conclusion I have no idea what it all means but you and the lolcats are cute.
I don't know what's going on here, but it sure looks exciting!
I don't even understand this, but I approve this message. Love to see you happpily at work.
brilliant. hey, wanna come over for some meat sometime? i mean that in of course the pg sense of the word.