LOL 4ever :)
Ok, but srsly he's got a point I guess.
Have you ever looked at youtube comments? I mean, holy shit hep, they are absolute utter unadulterated unambiguous GARBAGE. It's the same with other sites too.
Utter worthless crap.
Something needs to be "done". We need to start to take a serious look at how to *filter* comments so that we can get salient, cogent remarks. It's a technology issue as well as a social one.
I'm no Reznor weenie, believe me I hate his latest shit, but he's kind of got a point, so until shit kinda catches up on the tech side, a timeout may make sense.

Then, on the other hand, taking his ball and going home is patently stupid too, so perhaps he should have used the mic to say "comments are stupid, you people are stupid, hey, let's fucking solve this with some kind of BETTER filtering mechanism", and FFS, he could have been one to even push the new technology on his own popular site, so he certainly gets an F- there :D

In closing:
no shit there are stupid people on the internet. that is what trolls are for, to keep the level of stupidity down by making stupid people flounce from the internet.


c whut i did thar?

their moderation is basically done by the community ratings. i'm thinking of moderation that could be done automatically by a quantifiable internet "reputation." for example, in order to post without an account on a site, you might use an openid. but the site you're trying to post to might filter you out if you don't also have a website of your own. that was hosted for a year or more. and has at least 10000 visits total. and a facebook that has at least bi-yearly updates. and you're a member of a sister site with x posts.

this reputation identity "tree" would determine how you can interact with a site. it might not hinder spam or id theft, but it would certainly curtail flamewars if your access to websites depended on your overall reputation.

i'm not fond of calculated ratings from users (e.g., slashdot), but ratings from moderators/editors might be useful.
"Reputation" makes me think of the Slashdot karma system. What you're talking about would I think be better described as a system of verifiable identity.

Which would be pretty cool, yeah. I forget what politics are holding back OpenID this week but I wish the involved parties would just work that shit out.
I saw this earlier and was really disappointed. He's always seemed really savvy, and imo the way he used the internet for all the viral marketing stuff he did was actually clever and fun. He wound up becoming a file sharing and bit torrent advocate when was shut down (he used to have an account there).

He's getting old :/
he... twittered himself today. to see, if he still blogged pain...

Mind if I hotlink the image macro to a big gossip comm on LJ, while crediting you as source?
Yeah- sucks, as my post got ganked. However, my post was MUCH funnier in the comments than the above. :/
ahhhaa. you can just watch the downward spiral (pun intended) on his twiter feed. lololollll
i preferred the tactic where he sent his personal army after that guy that pissed him off.
*obligatory comment from me*

Can't say I have too much sympathy, as I've seen what his "good" fans (and people closer to the core than that) are capable of doing in terms of harassment and inappropriate behavior. GROSS MEDICINE AIN'T IT.