you can also totally tell how annoyed he is at having his picture TAKEN AGAIN MOM JESUS CHRIST YOU ALREADY TOOK A MILLION LET ME GO CHANGGGGGE
there is not enough dawwww in the world for the expression on zaney's face

but i'll try anyway

It's so cool that your kids all look like mini yous. Mine looks nothing like me lol
yeah my facial features are apparently extremely dominant (and freckles!) and I look exactly like my grandmother. hopefully they will be taller tho, not that being short is bad, but it's annoying sometimes when you have to do shit like climb the shelves at the supermarket to get stuff.
whoa, too tall! talle than me i'm sure. give him a big congratulatory hug from us, he'll probably thinks it's awkward. lol!
yeah evan passed me up about a year back. that wasn't so bad, i expected him to pass me pretty early on, but ZOE PASSED ME LAST MONTH! i felt like grounding her.