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Glory Hole

Glory Hole, originally uploaded by hep.

Despite this allegedly being a vacation day, I have to work. I still have about 600jpgs to edit from visiting demure but I figured I would throw this one up real quick because it is hilarious. Kitten, Cats, and Dog missed me, Chickens were non-committal except for my favorite KFC. All is well at Casa de El Jepe, how was your weekend lj?

apparently we talk at warp speed above the usual level of human hearing. tho me and nullcherri are the same way. poor regulate had to listen to female processing all weekend long. luckily we kept him well-plyed with beer however.
i also got super sunburned. it was 108F up there at one point!

even my scars got sunburned!

i think you need to go INSIDE. however, i want to see it on. even seeing it off made me almost cry in fear tho.
Awesome. My childhood fear of being sucked down the bathtub drain has returned.

Also, who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to call it that? lololololollllll
God. It's so scary. Even when it's not on/too low I almost cried from fear. I am terrified of drowning and have cried from fear merely sitting in a boat tied up to a dock before. I want to go back up this winter when it starts to rain so I can shoot it when it's on.
I found California's Glory Hole! Everyone thought it would be in SF, turns out it's by Redding!
I'm pretty sure you don't have the right equipment to find the glory holes in San Fran. Unless there's something you're not telling us.
I use one of those things that drug addicts use to fake urine tests.
I don't speak from experience, mind you, but I'm pretty sure that guys don't go to glory holes to drink piss. Educate me if I am wrong.
i don't even know D: everything i know about gloryholes i learned from ED. perhaps SF NATIVE needs an investigative local gloryhole feature.
SF NATIVE Undercover, you could have like a Chris Hansen-like personality just out people that show up on camera and post it to a website. It would be lulz.
what about a guide for the new glory holer? you could write it as an anonigay.
Aww, you like me, you really like me. It's so nice to be treated as a human being. :P
no i mean, that was me being witty about you stealing my boyfriend. also being my "gay stunt cock"
it is funny you were at the glory hole for pride. me, i hung out on the marquee of the castro theatre for pink saturday with some french twin film stars. then rode the hyphy bus home. it was fun. then i avoided any sanctioned pride events as i am getting too old for such nonsense.
Just posted my weekend, but yours looks equally stooopendus.

Thank you for clearly pointing out the glory hole. I would have missed it otherwise.
that drain looks amazing but those sunglasses make you both look like 2 of my aunts, especially when you mentioned the million words a minute bit. :)