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happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to all the amazing moms on my list! i hope your mother's day celebrations are going as wonderful as mine! you are all so ridiculously cool tho, and i am so lucky to know such strong and intelligent parents as i know on livejournal.

the children woke up super early and together with the girls' dad made me delicious berry and chocolate crepes. zoe is a really accomplished cook, and zane makes an excellent sous chef. evan was lucky enough to get the dishes hehe.

they spent all day yesterday working on the wrapping paper for my gift. we have an on-going tradition of them coloring wrapping paper for various things. i used to use their drawings as wrapping paper for xmas gifts for family, especially family located far away, as an extra touch of love. plus this is an awesome fix for when you run out of xmas paper right before sending off a huge mailing and you don't want to run to the store just for more paper :D

they were super sad that the "big thing" they got me isn't here yet because they were backordered for 2months, thx fredflare. but the gifts that i received today mean a lot more and are way more awesome. i don't know if you can read the wrapping paper below, but the pink owl says "normal mom (not you)" and "normal kids (not us!)" and the brown owl says "cool, fun mom (you)" and "us" underneath which i thought was adorable.

they also all collaborated on making me baby bears (reference: i call them my little bears. there is lil'est bear, medium sized bear, and biggest bear, and we often make bear jokes, etc.) so i got a bear for each of them. they chose light tan bears because they are 1/4 mexican and a 1/4 of mexican blood makes them all eternally tanned white kids. i lolled.

evan drew all these things on the side of the box for me. they are: an adam gun from bioshock, splicers tagging from bioshock, evil pacman, and a big daddy from bioshock. can you tell i love bioshock? the funniest part of this is me imagining evan sitting around going "what can i draw? what kind of things does mom like? more importantly, what kind of VIDEO GAMES does mom like?!" and then i lol. he can't stop thinking about video games for 10mins i swear.

here are the children holding their bears. evan looks extra tired because he stayed up all night making me another gift, mp3 rips of the tracks from the youtube videos by iamamiwhoami. i am really touched because i was planning on doing this myself for some time now but it is a huge pain in the ass and takes awhile and ties up my machine so i had not gotten around to it.

for the rest of the day we are going to make pinhole cameras and work on art projects around the house. it's mother's day, i do what i want! next week starts a super busy period for us getting ready for our yearly family trip up to the lake, so i think i will work more relaxation into my weekend before i stress out for a solid 3weeks.
Wow! What a fantastic mother's day that sounds like!

And those crepes looks amazing.
zoe is an AMAZING cook. which is nothing to do with me, and all her dad because i can only cook mexican food and even then that basically translates to "put pork in oil and fry".
It sure looks like it! That looks like she could give Justin a run for his money.

You have the coolest kids.
hehe yeah she wanted to be a chef for a long time until she saw how much i struggle with doing something i love for a living (when what you love becomes work you can fall out of love with it) and knowing our one chef friend in sf who hasn't cooked for his family in over 5yr now because it's too much like work. i am sure you are deeply familiar with this sentiment because it sounds like justin is feeling the same thing. so now she is undecided, she wants to do csi stuff for a living and do her cooking as her hobby. i thought that was super mature.

and thank you! i love them so much, and i think sometimes i go overboard trying to give them the perfect childhood i never had. but they are pretty awesome.
Oh, yeah, that is exactly the same experience Justin had, and she is super smart to be thinking about those things.

He loved being a chef for years, and it worked out pretty well when I was a server, because our schedules were similar. But working in kitchens is super stressful, particularly when you're in a managerial position, and the hours are both long and odd (which of course applies to many jobs, but being a chef is bad). Once I started working a 9-5 we never saw each other. I can't think of a single chef I know who is happy with their home life. The ones who are single, or have both a stay at home spouse and no kids do okay, but it's hard even for them. And while he was a chef, Justin would cook at home maybe twice a year. You just don't want to cook, even fun things, when you get home after standing in a hot kitchen all day. And there aren't enough days off to recuperate. That's not so bad now that he's just a cook, but he certainly isn't happy with his job...when he was just in school he would cook amazing things all the time and have a great time doing it.

And your kids all seem so cool that they make me want to rethink the childfree thing! haha.
awe thank you, i know i am so lucky to have won the "neat kid" lottery.

are you excited that in only like 4yr you will have your own scribbly wrapping paper gift! enjoy these years when the bebe is still little tho, it goes away so quick and suddenly they are all LOOK MOM I CAN OUTDO YOU AT ALL THESE THINGS AND AM TOTALLY NOT A BABY ANYMORE AND NO YOU CANT HUG ME CUZ I CAN OUTRUN YOU TOO!

Ahhh, your family always has been (and will continue to be) so wonderful and adorable, Hep!

I hope I have this someday.

yeah everytime these kids do something crazy for me for mother's day i remember *only* making tissue paper flowers for my mom for mothers day hehe.
your kids are awesome. i hope my boys are as awesome when they grow older! love the bears. a nd the wrapping paper! Hope you enjoyed your day mama! :)
i am sure they will be with an awesome mom like you! hope you had a wonderful day as well! (still loving that picture, and yes, blow it up and print it. it will be so rare that you print your own stuff if you are anything like me, even with all the pics we take and put online. i have a giant print of the kids off some random snapshot i took years ago (that is SUPER shot) and im so glad i printed it all these years even if it wasn't the greatest!)
I'm envious - what awesome kids! I didn't even get a happy mothers day from Craig and I made him breakfast in bed and Andrea as well, though she said it :)
awe no way! you might want to sit him down for a serious talking to on this part of his responsibilities regarding being another parent. i had to do this with the girls' dad awhile back, be like "look, when you don't help the kids do stuff for mother's day they will end up feeling bad like they aren't a good kid. you have to help them make breakfast, get gifts, do wrapping, get cards, etc. this is just your responsibility as the second parent like it's your responsibility to help them learn to walk or ride a bike. this isn't to do with me so much as it is helping them to feel secure like they are a good child" this really helped. because it's not just you getting a reward for being a good mum that mother's day is about, but it's a chance for kids to feel like they really did something special as a kid for their mom. and that is the part that is *most* important.

my first few mother's days were a lot like yours because of this, but luckily now he sees the importance of helping the kids make or do something to express themselves. it also helps that as kids get older they get way more into the concept of mother's day. but he should wish it to you too! give him a noogie!
Yeah, I think it's safe to say you win at mom :-)

I don't know what your process for converting the musics goes, but are you using at all? It seems to do a creditable job of things, and relatively quickly (though a batch job would still take a while).
that might have been what i was using before. unfortunately the laptop i use i heavily multitask on, so im sure it's me abusing it by running 99892892839082 other ram-intensive programs at the same time that is the issue.

and thanks you! :>
simply spectacular! I would expect nothing less, though ;) Happy day!
you too! enjoy your last mother's day ever of not having to run around after a toddler/deal with a puking baby on you/deal with children destroying your kitchen in the name of crepes (i REALLY should have taken a pic of THAT) heheheh <3333
Your children are incredibly cool- but of course, we know where they get it. Glad your day was rocking.
awe thank you, i am sure you had an amazing and similar day with your adorable boys!
Oh my god, the meat cleaver! That's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Happy Mom's Day!
hehe the meat cleaver goes with the unicorn because i have this random shirt that has meat cleavers and unicorns all over it (the kids say the shirt is the one that is most expressive of my personality, whatever that means)

thx you!
you can but you have to go in there and get it out yourself. drs are evil!
holy fucking shit, do you need a special pan to make crepes or something?? i've never heard of people making them at home.

also, i fucking love your eyeshadow.
i also thought it took special equip? but then yuriy was all "no watch i will do it with fork direct on the burner cuz im a russian!" and he taught everyone else (except me, i bake, not cook). you make a special batter that is extra thin but sticky so it holds together, then its similar to pancakes but you need a wider spatula so they dont stick together when you go to flip.

and thank you! i am a huge fan of purple for about a year now. i always feel like i need to put on stripperiffic super bright colorful eyeshadow to balance out my hair because since it's so red i feel like it blands the rest of me out. lookit me all "my life is so hard my hair is too red!" heh firstworldprobs!