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happy 16th birthday evan!

candles by hep
candles a photo by hep on Flickr.

man, i never believed i would have a 16yr old. i mean, logically i knew eventually it would happen, but it seemed so far away at the time ok? let's have a cute pic roundup to celebrate evan making it almost to being able to be legally kicked out of my house! jk jk breakin ur flists today, sry epals.

tiny evan with me, and giant evan towering over zoe.

tiny kids at the fair

evan has a long history of building robots and then making me photograph them. you never know when you are going to need compare shots of your lego robots man!

cuttlefish whispering

cowboy evan and evan with his favorite stuffed toy, a dino

before his first communion, during apple camp, and during zoo volunteer work

cross processed. this is evan's "what?" face that he gives us all the time

first day of school pic, pillowfight pic, xmas eve laser tag pic

fisheye pic before an art show at recology

downtown before a NO on Prop 8 rally, evan's confirmation, evan's graduation, evan with his cousin jax at xmas many years ago

evan throwing zorya's log for her at chrissy field beach

the kids with cousin sabrina, evan with his banner, evan shows off a sucker fish he caught

at dia de los muertos parade with his gf raven

xmas eve laser tag, riding a fixed gear, playing paintball

evan and raven before winter formal

at the fair last summer, in the jail cell at the transbay terminal, with friends before winter formal, halloween 2010 raven and evan were bonnie and clyde

at evan's birthday (lan) party after blowing out candles. this image is exactly at my eye level hehe

Damn, I remember that apple camp photo... he's gotten so old!
yeah in the last year he has really developed into a person instead of a kid too. it's p funny
thanks you! my fav part about evan is that he is always smiling. half of these he didn't even know i was taking a shot!
Just did the same for mine last week at 15. This growing up stuff is amazing, but not easy!
man i know. im gonna have to do zane's 12th in a couple days. im gonna cry cuz she is my baby :((((
awwww happy birthday evan! and happy 16 years of motherhood to you hep!!

i admit, i teared up looking at those pictures progressing through the years and sniffling at the thought of my little guys turning 16.
they are all minecrafters. you can't see the cake because it's a bad angle, but it's also a giant creeper, and the sheet it's on is made up to look like minecraft stone texture
let's have a cute pic roundup to celebrate evan making it almost to being able to be legally kicked out of my house! jk jk breakin ur flists today, sry epals.

You don't even kick your exes out of the house. Why would you kick your kids out? ; )
i was gonna say something like "i am sure he will live in my basement forever", but considering all his school top choices are local up thru phd i think that is probably true hehe
Oh wow, 16 years old. You've just about made an entire adult now, ready to go out into the world. I know this is what we aim for when we have kids but it's so weird to actually get there. Sob.
aw! is his birthday today? my sister turned 16 just yesterday. it's insane; she could legally drive a car. D:
This made me tear up and I've never even met him. You have such a great family. Tell me more about his school choices up through Phd?? That's some ambition!

Happy birthday!
hi new friend! Isn't it crazy having a kid that is now old enough to DRIVE? My daughter turned 16 in October.
omg yess. he hasn't taken driver's ed yet (too busy plus we have trains here that go everywhere important (sideline: that's right marin, i said it again, ur unimportant) aka to his girlfriends place so he hasn't had the need to OMG HAVE OWN TRANSPORTATION yet. this summer tho. i am also going to make him learn stick here in san francisco. if i had to he has to, but i will be a lot nicer than my dad was to me!

AWWW! I love it! It makes me want to bawl. They grow up so fast!
Three years and Hailey will be there. *sigh*
Where did all that time go?

When did I start spewing all these "old people" cliches?
that camping SOB can still suck my balls out my dick.

oh, and happy birthday. ;)
I'm the Godmother, dammit!
I remember the phone ringing, and thinking who the fuck is calling at this hour? What? Wasn't it like 11 or 12 at night? Then my mom came into my room and said, "Schmem, D's on the phone for you." and I shit you not I said, "Tell her I'll call her tomorrow." So she repeated it, with a little emphasis, "Schmem, **D** is on the phone for you. It's late. It's D."

And it took about .006 seconds for my brain to make the connection: Why would D call me so late? Why would my PREGNANT friend D call me so late? Pregnant ... Late ... OMGOMGOMG OMG !!!!!!!111!!! etc.

I jumped out of bed, trying to get dressed and talk to D on the phone at the same time. "Yes, of course I'm coming. I'll meet you at the hospital."

I made it to the hospital before they did.

The first time I saw him was in the halls between the delivery room & the station where they weighed and measured him (I don't know, where'd they take him?) and I poked his tiny little hand with my grubby fingers and realized 1. He's really here and 2. I should probably wash my hands before touching a new born.

Now, D's made a lot of art. Written a lot of stories & poems. Taken a lot of pictures. But the first time I saw her holding tiny baby Evan, I whispered, "He's the coolest thing you've ever made."

(And even though D's made two more cool humans, I can still say Evan's the coolest because I'm the Godmother, dammit)

(Also, CJ helped in the making of Evan. D wouldn't have been able to make him alone!!)

Happy 16th BIRTH day, D.
Happy 16th OMG I have a kid day, CJ.
Happy 16th Birthday, kiddo. I would totally hug & squeeze you if it wouldn't freak you out because you're not a little kid anymore.