i officially hate you. :P I made the mistake of looking at my FL with the b oys in the room. Samuel's birthday is next month and we keep talking about getting him a pet (non0-furry due to allergies) so he sees YOUR SPIDER and goes "can we get that? It's so pretty!" :P
hahaha tell him it is the size of a dime! usually you cant see their adorable little faces because they are so small!
he says, "will it grow bigger?"

although, I have to say, I like the dime-sized spider over the rose tarantula he keeps asking about in the pet store. ;_;
he will not get bigger. he is fully grown! i believe this spider is a Phidippus clarus, altho it could be another kind of jumping spider. hopefully he will stay that size because i let him loose in my kitchen! hehe

i like tarantulas. at first they are super creepy, but eventually you realize they are pretty sweet creatures. in our elementary school (that both i and the kids went to) our kindergarden teacher (we all had the same one lol, boy was she surprised when evan showed up!) had a pet tarantula every year. she went through 3 in her teaching career. i firmly believe it was this that made me have no fear of bugs tho. Fuzzy was so sweet and fun that i have always loved spiders since.
"Jumping Spider" is perhaps the worst combination of words in the English language. I hope they don't have those where I live.
they are very very small. he only LOOKS big because i used a special lens. these are the ones that eat fruit flies, so they are my favorite of spiders!
awe i am sorrrrryyyy! do you want me to put him behind a cut? spider eyes are actually my favorite part of the spider, lawl, because they are so weird looking but also vaguely they look like people eyes! all insect eyes totally fascinate me.
hahaha, no worries doll. It's not a phobia, but just a plain ol' HATE, It's the vaguely creepy human thing, honestly :P
ahahah yeah, you get too close to human and it either makes people hate it or it is fascinating to them.
I think it was running into a giant huntsman spider on my door in australia that just made me go THATS ENOUGH CREEPERS.
yeah i am not down with hunting spiders OR wolf spiders. no spider should be able to spread itself out and be bigger than my face unless its a nice tarantula behind glass!
I think I literally went "WELP, I'M GOING BACK TO THE CITY", and my ex and I took the bus back downtown rather than go in the front door lolol.
I have never before considered a spider to be a beautiful creature.
a lot of insects and arachnids are surprisingly beautiful when you can magnify them up a bit!
We are only still friends because I have this icon.

Spiders scare the fuck outta me. But yours and mine are okay in cuteness.
Awwww, I love jumping spiders! There are little brown ones in my office and they bounce all over my desk in the summer. So cute!
omg i love the brown ones!! up close they have tiny gold stripes sometimes with super cool eyes!
Holy freaking crap, I was just moseying along through entries, trying to catch up on the last few days even though I was ready for bed 2 hours ago, and then BAM huge creepy spider.

brb gotta find photos of cute puppies and kittens to look at.
awe im sorrrryyy! the funny thing is, this spider is smaller than a dime, and usually people don't notice them at all because since they are so small they look totally boring. you have to get them really magnified to see that they actually are pretty weird looking!
I have two important questions:

1) Was it radioactive?

2) If yes, do you now have superpowers?
its not radioactive YET, i think we have like 3more days til the steam gets here right? hehe!
yeah thats the thing about spiders. its the highlander all over again.
it's one of the things i love--they are solitary, ruthless eating machines...and cannibals if in the right context :D
i love their little faces. i like how they are all :::) when biting somethings head off