September 25th, 2005

pacman inkee

my voice is my passport. verify me.

Poll #577045 mother

in your opinion, is the character of Mother in the movie Sneakers an homage reference to the character Molly's codename of "Mother" in the book Neuromancer by William Gibson?

i didnt see Sneakers (I am retarded)
i didnt read Neuromancer (I am a loser)
pacman inkee

hep and regulate on cliffs

hep and regulate on cliffs, originally uploaded by hep.

things i dont ever want to forget or take for granted:

1. the way we kiss. each time is like the first time
2. the way he holds my hand or puts his arm around me when we walk (in step too)
3. how he looks at me like i am the only thing that is in the room
4. how awesome we are together
5. the sex. omg
6. how he looks while sleeping
7. how close we are, so open with each other, so much trust and love
8. how he curls around me at night
9. how special he makes me feel
10. how awesome he is.