November 24th, 2007

pacman inkee

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If you are a) lacking something to do and/or b) at all a stephen king fan in any way and/or c) a fan of horror movies go see The Mist RIGHT FUCKING NOW. It's so good. I am a huge King fan (for the Roland lovers out there, there are Dark Tower refs in the first 10sec of the film) and this is my all-time favorite King short (I tend to think his short fiction is far better than his full-length work, the Dark Tower series aside which is his finest work ever) and The Mist was my absolute favorite of his short stories. It scared me so bad when I was younger. cj_ and I had this recording on tape of him reading it, and we would listen to it when the crazy California tully fog would roll in at which point I would refuse to set foot outside until it cleared. I highly recommend this film. It is a+++ would see again (and I am going to tomorrow)