May 25th, 2008

pacman inkee


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Since so many have asked, here is the story of the duckling: we are
currently up at the lake for Mem. Day wknd. We come up here every year
and stay with a bunch of family. There are always plenty of ducks with
ducklings around and we often see small groups on their own and know to
leave them alone. On Sat afternoon after being up here for several days
we decided to use the firepit. This firepit is located at the end of a
concrete pier that leads to the water (there is also a concrete boat
launch) next to a yard with three large dogs. After being out there for
several hours, at one point an hr or so before sundown a tiny little
duckling ran out of the woodpile which is next to the firepit and
straight up to our friend, climbed on top of him and buried its little
duck head in his hands. The duckling was wet all over and shaking,
extremely cold and/or frightened. At first we assumed it had come from a
nest we couldnt see, so we put it in a box to avoid more human smell,
but searching all over found no nests in the area (we had like nine
people looking thru the entire shoreline) Now we think it probably got
seperated or left behind the day before, and it hid in the woodpile from
the dogs. Finally it was so scared and cold and hungry that it made a
run for protection. Thanks to internet advice we fed it some bran cereal
mushed up. I know this is not adequate feed, but the internet and a vet
assured me it would be fine until we could get to a feed store for some
duckling feed on the trek home (my next task is finding feed stores open
on memorial day) It also drank a bunch of water before curling up to
sleep in my shirt. At this point we can't be sure which duck is its
mother, and we can't even find any ducks with ducklings close to its
age. So we are keeping it warm and happy until we can return home and
find an avian rescue. We are in the middle of nowhere right now and my
internet access is pretty limited to output only with occasional input
from you guys when my phone can briefly force a connection to download
mail. So thx for all the help guys. I will repay you in cute duckling