July 31st, 2008

pacman inkee

heppy birfday 2 me!

airbrush hat, originally uploaded by hep.

08:06 < bizzy> in the line at the apple store
08:07 < bizzy> the 2008 equivalent to the ssoviet bread line

so today is my birthday. but i am not rly excited about that yet. im still excited about my airbrush hat I got at the fair yesterday. EL JEPE NAGA WHAT? ps nullcherri: we need matching hats what say you?

pacman inkee

lol york times

new york times article about how weev has a moral line with hacking:


totally worth the read for this exchange:

WEEV: the whole posting flashing images to epileptics thing? over the line.
HEPKITTEN: can someone plz tell me how doing something the admins intentionally left enabled is hacking?
WEEV: it's hacking peoples unpatched brains. we have to draw a moral line somewhere.
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