May 28th, 2009

pacman inkee



tonite is the first meetup of the SF NATIVE mag crew. We are gonna be in Dolores Park on the swingset at 7:30pm, then Sparkie's at 8:30pm. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TROLLING, MAGAZINES, TROLL MAGAZINES, SAN FRANCISCO, MOCKING HIPSTERS, BEING A HIPSTER, HIPSTER DISSING, HIPSTER DIPPING, SKINNY DIPPING, DOUBLE DIPPING, or you know, anything along those lines *AND* you are local to SF this evening *AND* you are free, please join us to talk about our troll magazine: THE SF NATIVE. / 415 867 9472 if you plan on coming and cannot comment here for some reason. HOORAY! TROLLING!
pacman inkee

SF NATIVE mtg report

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OK so we had the first meeting tonite and it went really well. At this point we have a ton of ideas sooo, if you would like to write for this project drop me your email here and I will add you to the google docs shit we have going on here. SF Natives will be good, but we also need non-natives for plenty of tasks. We will also need editors, proofers, people with some design sense, etc. <3