June 29th, 2009

pacman inkee

Glory Hole

Glory Hole, originally uploaded by hep.

Despite this allegedly being a vacation day, I have to work. I still have about 600jpgs to edit from visiting demure but I figured I would throw this one up real quick because it is hilarious. Kitten, Cats, and Dog missed me, Chickens were non-committal except for my favorite KFC. All is well at Casa de El Jepe, how was your weekend lj?

pacman inkee

tiny frog

tiny frog, originally uploaded by hep.

My shell keeps going up and down. I can't be expected to work, if I can't get on irc every 10mins to bitch about work. This is sweatshop conditions. I am rebelling by editing non-work jpgs. This is a tiny frog that lives by demure's pool. Those are my fingers for scale which are the size of a 6th grader's.

pacman inkee

oh flist

because i love you, i bring you:


ninjalie is the one who found this. She is also organizing an outing on Thursday to hit up one of their shows irl. I am thinking SF NATIVE basically *has* to cover this. What say you?
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