January 3rd, 2010

pacman inkee

nye, giving thanks, etc

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here is more blogging for you. this nye was awesome. we headed over to nullcherri and dr. j's amazing funtime loft in emeryville with pascal for the best nye party i have been to in at least the last 10yr. this picture was not from nye, but from our xmas party, taken by pascal.

i only really took those top two pics on nye. however, we had an amazing time. the recovery definitely took a couple days however, it's only this afternoon that we were finally able to leave the house. we finished up bioshock this afternoon. i am really excited for bioshock 2 to come out in feb. i love playing games with yuriy, my favorite part of video games are the puzzles and stuff to figure out, his is always fighting mobs and bosses. i love playing with yura so much, because when one person is sick of playing, the other person is ready to jump right in. with two people you feel like you are doing something together, we are always discussing our strategy, and what we plan on doing next. i think we are going to play dragonage next, but if anyone has any other decent game recs, let me know.

after finishing up the game, we headed over to the outer richmond to hit up new world market for delicious russian treats. we scored a large slavic bounty, including a couple smoked fish that yura and grep shared. we also stopped at the russian bakery & for sushi.

i love that we have so much variety of ethnic food in sf, that yura can get the food he misses from back home only a few miles from our house now. plus cream horns man, so delicious.

i am so lucky to have yura in my life. new year's is always a time of reflection for me, after the busy insanity of xmas is past. my life couldn't be any more amazing, and i couldn't have someone more amazing to share it with. he really is everything i could ever ask for, and every day we are together i love him a little more, and i know he loves me a little more in return. almost 5yr now, and it still feels like it did when it had only been a week.

most of these jpgs were taken by pascal. thx t12 for always being another photographer around! and thanks to the rest of my friends for being in my life. <3