January 9th, 2010

pacman inkee

yearly memeish update!

irl moniker hep
url alias: eljepe
from: lets all give big ups for the city by the bay! i think we all know where i am from since i never shut up about it. but i love my city, and if i sometimes become overly resentful of the new colonists that flood it, well, we all have our flaws. ilu san francisco!
san francisco
irl image:
hair color, eye color, ethnicity/nationality: mestizo & slavic / americana

height: let's just say 5ft
weight: i am currently not into the numbers game. i can do 10pushups and ride my bike 30 miles at a time.
email: dis at gruntle dot org
facebook, twitter, myspace, etc: hepkitten
flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hep
occupation: photographer
etc: i eat meat, don't smoke, and have barely ever drank alcohol in my life ever. i speak a little spanish, but i can write it better these days. govorim malo hrvatski. i have three wonderful children. i live with my amazing partner yuriy in our home in san francisco. i am 31. my bday is july 31 (this is my golden year) and i am a leo. i have no piercings or tattoos.

above: my beloved yura
music: tupac, nas, crimpshrine, operation ivy, underworld, oingo boingo, the the, manu chao. favorite song:

movies: sneakers, mononoke hime, full metal jacket, delicatessen, ghost in the shell, mean girls, and yes, even hackers. also southland tales is #1. favorite scene:

fiction books: the dune series. the dark tower series. war fever by j.g. ballard. vernor vinge, frank herbert, pkd, wm gibson.
favorite tv shows: better off ted. lie to me. arrested development. and of course, it's always sunny in philly. favorite scene:

favorite color: orange