January 23rd, 2010

pacman inkee

watertower number 2

watertower number 2, originally uploaded by hep.

i shot this awhile back. it is the alcatraz water tower. water towers are one of my favorite things to shoot, along with trains, powerlines, mushrooms, and cranes. and urban industrial landscapes. i just love machines and steel structures, what can i say.

the above is another redsky at morning image taken a couple years back. this one is so lovely, truly an epic fkn sunrise over the bay. this weekend i am, as always, horrendously overbooked, what with zoe's science fair project due monday, her play practice, the sharks game everyone went to tonite, and everything else that i typically pile on my plate.

so please, as usual, do not get offended or upset if you drop me a line and i don't reply. i check everything, and i always MEAN to get back to people, but i am usually so overwhelmed that if it doesn't immediately make it on my to-do list it will eventually slip my mind. just perhaps drop me another gentle reminder to reply back to you, or just wait until my every 6months cleaning out my inbox binge when i will hopefully catch up. i need a better email and message filing system, i hate leaving stuff unread because i reflexively check my email if any show, but i also have no good way of tagging emails to get back to them later. perhaps i can come up with some sort of folder action item system. i will add that to my to-do list :D

nullcherri and kori found this amazing picture of my modeling twin up above. apparently she is working for american apparel. obviously i must find her and we shall fight to the death, hands tied together, toe to toe with switchblades like in west side story!