January 24th, 2010

pacman inkee

some of my close female friends

i am trying to assemble a "cast of frequently mentioned characters" of my friends that i talk about here all the time. to start with i am going to write a bit about my four closest female friends.

nullcherri aka cherri, renee: cherri is my bff. for the last several years we have talked almost every day. she listens to all of my whining and stressing/fretting over situations that are very obviously my fault due to my tendancy to overbook myself. she is an internet badass, and internet hilarious. she is also a very talented artist, and has skills i can't possibly even begin to comprehend learning. someday she will be designing all of our e-fursonas after the furries finally make that shit mandatory and we all have to live in 3d online furcadia mmorpg. END FURSECUTION! :D she is also amazingly smart, and can converse quite easily with you about a variety of topics from world politics to quantum physics. having someone who is able to understand my often scattered communication style is amazing, i am so lucky to have reneenee in my life. she is also the best adventure person possible with, whenever we are together, it is impossible for us to not have fun.


demure aka pottymouth, wendy: wendy is my gf. we have been internet dating since like 2004 at this point. she lives far away in redding, and we rarely get to see each other, tho we try to talk on the internet as much as we can. she is the best person for forest adventures, or flying kites on the beach, or any other sort of spur of the moment outdoor adventure. i only wish redding was closer, or she would be able to move away for a few years so we could hang out irl more. the few times a year we are able to go up to visit, or she is able to make it down here aren't nearly enough. MOVE TO SF ALREADY WENDY!


schmem aka em, emily: em is my best friend throughout high school. she is about the only person in the world allowed to mother me, anyone else and i would get HUGELY offended re: short people's rights, or ageism (in exaggeration of course, but i hate being mothered) and is pretty much solely responsible for getting me through dealing with my mom's psych issues. she is getting a phd in biblestudy, and lives down near socal, so we don't get to see each other as much as i would like, but i am very excited to be attending her and her fiance eric's, also a high school friend, wedding this summer. i basically think of em as like the female indiana jones, but instead of culturally appropriating sacred and priceless artifacts, instead she corrects myths about jesus that religious organizations use for oppression. we need to get her a whip and a fedora.



k_hate aka k8, kate: kate used to be the young one of our group, but then she grew up and now barely comes out anymore. way to get super old the second you could finally come to cool bars kate. jk jk, she lives in sac, so again, it is hard to see each other. we all try to get together on stickam tho, as much as we can. nothing is more fun than cooking dinner on webcam with your closest friends right? i hear that is what the kids do these days. anyway, kate is wicked smart, she was a history major and is a really great writer. the best part about kate tho, is she has amazing self esteem, so she is totally willing to be extremely silly with her friends, with no social shyness. i love that because i am the same way, i love to make a fool out of myself in order to make my friends laugh and amuse them. often girls, especially younger ones, can be so self-conscious they are never willing to be put in a situation where they would look foolish, i love having friends that are smart enough and awesome enough, and furthermore understand those things about themselves, to really let loose and be super silly in the name of fun.

i stole almost all of these excellent photos from pascal!

pacman inkee

zoe science!

zoe science!, originally uploaded by hep.

today was busy making sure zoe's science fair project board got completely finished with all the finishing touches. tomorrow everything is due, then later this week is the actual science fair. her experiment is about how eating affects your memory, so that kids can make informed choices about breakfast using their data. she worked on it with her friend mira, and it is very well done. i am super proud of her.

this afternoon we had a chunk of free time, so we took zorya up to chrissy field to walk in the surf. chrissy field is on the bay side of sf, for those not from around here, and the waves are super gentle. zorya likes to walk on the edge, but she hates when surf is too rough, she likes gentle wavelets over brash waves.

look at that happy dogface up there. she loves this beach. she likes to dig in the sand and act like a fool. she can definitely pull zane around if she wanted, she can pull me around sometimes if i am not paying attn, but at this beach she is content to just walk or jog along.

these picture are of zane surfing. can't you tell? all of the kids are actually pretty accomplished surfers, zane has been surfing since she was about 3 or 4, she started out surfing tandem on my dad's longboard with him, and eventually graduated to her own boogieboard, then tiny surfboard. too cute.

i have no idea what is going on next week. i always come out of science fair week super overwhelmed. next weekend however, i am planning on taking zorya to chrissy field again if anyone wants to join with a doggyfriend.