February 1st, 2010

pacman inkee

death of the mixtape

zaney, originally uploaded by hep.

before i run off to work myself to death today, i wanted to post these shots of zane i got on saturday while we were all riding bikes around. we stopped near the lagoon where there are many still standing pools right now as the ground is supersaturated and the wetlands are mostly wet.

we found an old abandoned mixtape in the field, so zane asked if she could unwind it (that being a new phenomenon to her as she has basically never used cassette tapes ever) and "fish" with it in the pond.

she did not catch anything.

this morning my friend warren was sweet enough to highlight kalashnikov in his station identification post so hello to all my new friends from over that way, feel free to read up on my intro tag so you can figure out what exactly is going on around here. and good morning rest of my lj compatriots, i hope your days are wonderful today!