March 14th, 2010

pacman inkee

sunday streets

DSC_9372.JPG, originally uploaded by hep.

This weekend was the first of the sunday streets bike rides in sf. they shut down major thoroughfares for 5hrs, allowing use by pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, etc. Last year they were super fun, this year they have added a lot more sponsors, events, performers, and entertainment.

it was a gorgeous day. we brought along one of evan's best friends who was staying the weekend with us. we caught the 10:15 train up. the bike car was super full for a weekend, usually the early trains are still pretty deserted.

the downtown train station is a block from where the street closure began. then it was a gorgeous ride all the way down the embarcadero to fisherman's wharf.

when we arrived down there we found that cyclecide had set up a carnival down in one of the parking lots. the kid's all had a turn on the bike carousal, with evan and zoe both taking some turns pedaling.

i love the above pic of zane with her head thrown back so she looks headless. they also had a ton of various booths set up geared to kids. zane won a vampire doll who is her new bike riding companion.

i also shot some video with my new phone:

evan and chris riding while zoe pedals

there was also a free rock climbing wall advertising for a climbing gym. for some reason we showed up at a point where there were no other kids around for like 25mins, so the kids got to go up and down like 500x.

zane riding while zoe pedals. don't blame me for the video artifacting, i dunno video and this is a phone.

after all the rides and riding we picked up some delicious fried fish lunches. i got fish and chips and yuriy got a fried fish sandwich. we like to get different things and share them, but then we always do this super silly thing. really, i wanted a fish sandwich, and he wanted fish and chips, but we give the other person the thing we want because we love them. and we both assume that because we wanted that thing, it must be what the other person wants too. and then we don't realize how silly we are until we are both almost done eating.

then we caught the train home and got ice cream. then i took like a 3hr nap because im a huge sissy. a bunch of other stuff happened this weekend and last week too, but i will write up an entry chronicling all of that later. hope you all had an amazing weekend as well!

for those keeping track: my ear still hurts.