May 10th, 2010

pacman inkee

notes from the under#pound

battle, originally uploaded by hep.

hello lj! i hope your week is starting well! mine is starting awesome, what with an awesome mother's day. even my good friends got in on the action, i received mother's day well-wishes and gifts from friends and family near and far. known internet drunk singing sensation WB made me this special mother's day drunk singing video of my favorite mother themed song, which is AMAZING. ilhim even tho he can't rap:

the weather is not cooperating with us this week, dumping more rain today. i heard it is snowing up in tahoe. so rather than fight with bay area drivers who ALWAYS immediately forget how to drive once water starts falling from the sky, i am pushing my errands off to later in the week and spending today cleaning my house and catching up on all of the post-production i have been ignoring. i am also thinking about going back and doing more work on some of the unfinished personal graphics stuff that i have been shelving for the last few years, like the above piece (oct 2008 dude, been on hold since then) and some others that i put aside because i was graphically exhausted. i miss that part of pixelpushing, and i am sure i will regret it later, but right now i am ready to dive back in.

this weekend our amazing friend T gave zoe the best gift ever. some of you may remember that zo collects snowglobes, it became a thing many years ago when yoshio, the girls' dad, took a new position at work that included extensive travel. he often is out of town at least 1 full week a month (altho that is spread out over several 2-3 day trips, but still, that is almost worse) and he begin to get the kids small gifts, usually of the same style, whenever he visited a new city. evan got funny tshirts, zane got stuffed beanie bears wearing the city shirt, and zoe got snowglobes. her collection started with the cheap small plastic ones, but soon grew to include more fancy glass ones as more family members got in on it. when my grandparents died, she inherited the xmas globes that my grandmother collected (the giant gaudy ones, often with clockwork moving figures and the like).

well T has also been collecting snowglobes since she was a small girl. recently they moved into a new house with less storage, and so she has been paring down her collection to only those with the most meaning, etc. and she gave all of the rest of her collection to zoe!

zoe's collection had been around 30-40, and this puts her well over 100, possibly even over 150. they are on display in the girls room taking up 3 bookshelves, and covering the tops of the wardrobe and a dresser, and that is only about 2/3 of the collection. this summer i am planning on building special shelves over her bed, with special ledges to catch anything from falling in an earthquake. we are also going to have an on-going photography project relating to depth of field, wherein we catalogue, photograph, and tag every globe, and put all the info into a db.

so expect more snowglobe pics in the future!

pacman inkee


goslings, originally uploaded by hep.

some of you may have seen this on facebook, but i am helping my friend out. from my friend kikithepirate:

Can everyone do me a favor and just click on that link? All you have to do is open it, you don't have to sign up or anything. The top five people with the most "views" get free tickets to the In The Heights tour, which is San Francisco this month.

as your reward have a picture of adorable goslings.

and thanks to all those on fb who already clicked, i owe all of you a favor <3