September 9th, 2010

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new buffet

new buffet, originally uploaded by hep.

so, i got another new piece of furniture. i can't tell you how happy new furniture makes me. finally i can free up some of the space in my kitchen for new appliances. before all our cupboards were crammed full of appliances, extra barely used dishes, boxes containing my wedding china. breakable things precariously stacked on top of other breakable things. an injustice to and of crockery if you will.

now everything is airy and open, plenty of room to fill right back up with found china pieces from the thrift shop, am i right? look at all that room for organizing! all my china fits in one drawer!

i realize this celebration of merely a new piece of furniture (and not even new to me, i figured out the piece i wanted over a year ago on ikea, and then waited for someone to get rid of theirs on craigslist for less than a third of the price~) seems unwarranted, but this area of the dining room has bugged me for *years*. it has long been just a freestanding pile of boxes of unsorted papers that just screamed neglected half of the room. now it is all so welcoming and airy in there, and i am looking forward to xmas when we can use that extra buffet room for it's intended purpose!

i was a little worried about the brightness of the yellow, after all originally i had planned to get the buffet in black however it goes really well in our bright and sunny dining room, and now i can see that black would have dragged everything down.

also of note is that my mom gave me her old silverware set from back when she was married. she had inherited both of the sets my grandmother had, so she decided three was a bit much and gave me hers. i have always loved her set, it is very ornate, but still delicate and not overly heavy. now between this, and finally unpacking our nice tableware, we can definitely start having people over for dinner more often!

so who wants to come into town and visit for dinner? :D