October 31st, 2010

pacman inkee

costume girls

just a quick post to show off the awesomeness that was the girls halloween costumes this year.

zoe was a princess doll in a claw machine. her claw machine really worked too! she had a chute to dispense candy down, her claw was on a working pulley, and the machine was filled with assorted stuffed animals. there was even a lightup button!

zane was in a bathtub taking a bath. she had a backwasher, a sponge, even a mexican rubber ducky (RACIST!). we filled the "tub" with blue streamers and stuffing for bubbles, with about 400 cut out giant sized bubblewrap bubbles as well.

now i have to go work 5 million hours (3) at the school photobooth fundraiser. harkening back to my formal dance posing days! hope you all get a million candies!