November 7th, 2010

pacman inkee

beretta, glock, and mauser

beretta, glock, and mauser, originally uploaded by hep.

so the story of the rescued kitten which i haven't had time to tell. one night a couple days ago zane came in and said she heard a kitten crying in the bushes near our house. we went outside and found this tiny (like maybe 2lb) kitten running around crying in hunger. we spent about 30-40 mins trying to trap her with variations of me, zoe, zane, and my mother corralling her, but she kept escaping and running back into the bushes. it was dark at the time, and the various predators, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, were out in full force. one skunk was trying to stalk her down in the bushes, but was scared off by us moving around.

however, raccoons aren't scared of humans at all. two raccoons zeroed in on her cries and started moving in to take her. we were starting to get frantic because i knew if the raccoons caught her they would race off and it would all be over. once they made it back to the wilds of the mountains there was no way we could follow them through the overgrown scotch broom and other brush. we finally mananged to lure her out close to us, about 2ft away, but the raccoons were closing in. she was super scared, but so hungry she was willing to trust us.

but at that moment the raccoons came up behind her in the bushes and grabbed her. i was looking directly into the lead raccoons eyes. the bushes forced them single file or i believe this story would have ended a lot differently. the rear raccoon couldn't see what was going on, and the lead raccoon couldn't back away or leave from that direction. he would have to go past us AND hold on to the kitten. the kitten wasn't having any of it, and bit him super hard, which caused the raccoon to loosen its grip. the kitten squirmed out of its grasp, and ran directly into my lap. however the kitten was overwhelmed with fear at that point, and bit me and zane, also scratching wildly, as we attempted to grab her and wrap her in a sweatshirt. so we just bundled her up and ran inside. she spent that evening hiding in the closet, but since then has totally opened up and now tumbles all over everyone's lap and the house.

she seems super socialized so i don't believe she was a feral. also there was never a sign of other kittens or a mother around. some animal took a piece out of her above her eye, she has what appears to be teeth marks over one eye, but it is healing well and the scabbing has now come off (claw marks are considerable thinner and close up relatively fast. this is usually why cats get abscesses, the skin closes over the claw cut, leaving infection to fester and grow underneath. you can see above her eye in the image where the teeth mark scars are) she is probably between 4 and 5 weeks old, able to amble around, but still very wobbly and needing a lot of sleep, etc. a couple days of feeding have fattened her up. we named her mauser for now, i believe once we fully socialize her and raise her enough to spend days alone she will be going to live with my mom. i wasn't looking for another kitten right now, that's for sure, however i can't exactly be all "look kids! this is a life lesson! survival of the fittest!!!" when this shit happens on my doorstep. well, not without ending up in therapy with them in a few years. the other cats have all taken her under their paws, and have formed a happy little cat family. how was your week flist?

pacman inkee

dia de los muertos 2010

altars, originally uploaded by hep.

hello new efriends! my name is hep. if you want to know more about me (it will make it easier to follow along, i promise) head over to this tag and start from the bottom up. the bottom entry has the most important info.

the cliffnotes version is: i post a lot of pictures. i thought about easing you all into it, but i always prefer the trial by fire route myself. so have 1000jpgs to clutter up your flist. they are pretty i swear.

these are obviously from the dia de los muertos parade in san francisco this year. it is fitting that i post them today, as it is the annv. of my brother's death. it has been a very very long time now, well over 20yrs, so no need for condolences. i just found it amusing that the day i found time to finally sit down and edit these images was today.

funny story about this year's parade shooting, shortly before going out my contact lens tore (i wear daily disposables) and part of it slid up to the top of my eye under my eyelid where i couldn't reach. i knew it would work its way out eventually, however i couldn't wear another lens until it was out. so i was totally unable to focus for the evening (i tend to manual focus always, many of my lenses, and certainly almost everything in the bag i had already packed, was MF). I was able to focus a bit by feel, but I definitely missed the bulk of the evening until I switched lenses.

So I decided to shoot on front curtain sync mode for the evening (where the flash fires at the front of a long exposure/slow shutter speed). I couldn't really see beyond a blur anyway (barely enough to compose) so it seemed to be a workable solution that still allowed me to salvage something of the night. and it really helped give the compositions a dreamy ghostlike look.

the parade itself was nice this year. less drunks than most years. less annoying culturally appropriative hipsters, or at least i was able to tune them out. i was able to bring the plaque of lost ironworkers again this year, updated for 2009-2010.

this is always the time of year i miss my grandparents the most. for those who don't know, my maternal grandparents pretty much raised me in my young childhood. it was a very traditional bay area hispanic household, and ddlm was one of the cultural holidays we celebrated the most. my grandmother celebrated it the way her family had in new mexico, very much a more festival style than the parade style of san francisco. when we were older in our teens, we would go to the fruitvale ddlm festival in oakland. it was easier to get to for the east bay relatives in our enormous family.

this year i was able to leave something for someone who passed away recently, odb from ed.

anyways it was a wonderful time. now i am too tired to write anymore. enjoy some pictures! altars:

paper cranes and the wall of remembrances:

more altars:

the children in their makeup after the parade:

did anyone else celebrate this year?