December 12th, 2010

pacman inkee

winter semi-formal

winter semi-formal, originally uploaded by hep.

evan and his girlfriend raven went to the winter semi-formal last night.

beforehand i made them go to the yerba buena gardens to pose for some shots for me. as IF he is going to get out of this w/o a photoshoot.

too cute!

pacman inkee

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hellol livejournalers!

i made a bunch of new friends recently, however I am exactly in the middle of xmas rush. so i do not have time to do a proper intro post. luckily tho, i did a nice one last year which you can read right over here and just add a year to everything. most things are the same, we have three more cats, one less hamster (unrelated) and a new rat. there are also a variety of other intro-type items under the intro tag.

last night, as you may have noticed, was evan's first (semi)formal dance. the girls went to their annual nutcracker viewing as well. i spent most of the weekend clearing out space in our house preparing for both our upcoming cookie party (this sunday local people! let me know if you would like to join and have yet to receive an invite!) and our xmas eve dinner. we got the tree up friday evening (pics upcoming when i get the chance) but that means the living room is down to half of the usual space. plus, usually when we have large parties, we move the dining room table up against the wall, however as i have put in the buffet this means I can no longer use that wall to push the table against. so i will have to figure out some workable dining room configuration that also allows people who are not hobbit sized to move around.

i have also been working on xmas cards. most of you should have gotten yours already. i have about 15 people who i have not sent yet but are pre-addressed, we just ran out of cards in the first batch. if you have not given me your info yet, but would like a card from us this year, please head on over to this post and leave me your mailing addr. mine is there on that post, and i would love a card from all who are sending out cards. let me know here if you have gotten yours yet, i am tracking current state mailing patterns. international people you might have to wait a bit longer.

i am working on my cop-out gift for people who i want to get something for but do not want to actually spend my tiny amts of free time shopping for. i am going to get a bunch of this frame and put in the following images in the following order. what do you guys think?

anyone who wants copies of these prints, let me know now and I will order you a set and throw them in the mail. i am going to be making a huge order in a few days and would be happy to spread them out more. i can't promise i can frame one for everyone but i will try to send a set to anyone who asks. abattoir_blue i already got you on my list! jarmon you too!