December 28th, 2010

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kade anthony

kade, originally uploaded by hep.

yesterday i got to meet my newest little cousin, kade anthony for the first time. he was one day old and adorable, already trying to focus, and i swear to god figure out how to smile. in our family, cousins are raised as siblings, so this is also like a nephew for me. i am so proud of my cousin eddy (they tried so hard for so long, and lost 2) and his wife kimberly. this is the first male child from a male child, ensuring that the family name will carry on. my grandfather is looking down and smiling, and saying "JFC FINALLY! i had 2 boys who had 6 sons between them! you think at least one of you could have a son, what with how many kids all the girl grandchildren keep having!" welcome to the world little kade, may your stay be a great one.