February 11th, 2011

pacman inkee

ir plants

ir plants, originally uploaded by hep.

GDI i posted the wrong pic. WHATEVS HERE ENJOY THIS ONE INSTEAD. rest of post the same.

what up lj. just a couple things. as you all know, zane was home sick monday. well on tuesday when she went back to school, yuriy came down with exorcist flu and basically threw up everywhere for over 24hr. then he went back to work on wed when zane promptly came down with exorcist flu and has been back home with me since, again, vomiting everywhere. however it looks like she is on the mend (which is good because both girls have mandatory zoo volunteer meetings for the start of the summer volunteering shift this year on sat) so, with luck, no more people will start vomiting all over my stuff again. which is good because abattoir_blue is flying into town in about 1hr for an awesome funtime sf vacation weekend and i would much rather be able to pal around town with her than clean up still more vomit. i mean, i am a vomit cleaning champ, but srsly vomit gods, can i get a little break? <3