February 14th, 2011

pacman inkee

pascal and renee ghosts

pascal and renee ghosts, originally uploaded by hep.

i've been meaning to do a real update post but i have been exceedingly busy over the past weekend. today i need to slam out a bunch of work so that we can hit the pillowfight if it isn't raining tonight. also my throat hurts and i have had the shivers all day, clearly going out at night in the rain is the best idea y/y? valentine's day to me is more about making valentines for my friends and then having a giant pillowfight in downtown san francisco with them and 8000 other people. barring that, if i can have a burger from joe's cable car i will be a happy girl. also a giant tin of almond roca. i am not hard to please. i think yuriy is going to like the stuff i got him this year. i have been having to hold myself back from preemptively gifting him for like a week now, and while shopping on haight st. yesterday i found him the perfect "real" gift. i already know what i am getting (or suspect that i am getting it) a LaCie 2TB wireless NAS server so i don't have to fight to recover space on the mock server farm i have crafted out of tiny usb portable externals. i have real servers set up at work, but going to sausalito just to drop off a couple gigs of files is so demeaning, and sending it over the internet just insures that i earn the wrath of every gamer in the house due to sucking up all the outbound. so this is basically the best gift i could get, AND will save me from pulling out my hair everytime i need to dump some cards but can't find any blocks of space. like say, for tonight so i can take 10000 jpgs at the pillowfight! so ljpals, what is your favorite candy to gorge on for valentine's day? i admit that i have skipped right over vday candy this year and have been eating like 5 or 6 cadbury caramel eggs per day since they dropped into stores like 2weeks ago.