February 18th, 2011

pacman inkee

from an lj friend

i love jackie speier first off. i think she is amazing. she survived jonestown with five bullets and waited 22hr before help got in there. i don't always agree with her, for instance she is a little more strict on gun control than i am (however, she obvs has her reasons, and she is not SO strict that i can't deal) but on many things we agree. thank you jackie for saying what the rest of us who believe the same couldn't stand on the congressional floor and say.
pacman inkee

House Photo Meme: Day 1 - Kitchen

kitchen table, originally uploaded by hep.

i am stealing this meme from notbikiniready but i am going to rearrange it and mix it up to fit our house and probably also space this out over a year rather than a week and change. sry!!~ busy!!~ there were also days for stuff like "guest bathroom" and "guest bedrooms" etc, but we don't have those so i cut them. adapt at will! i put the list at the bottom. obviously this is my kitchen. hanging to the left of the microwave is our brag board where we pin pictures, upcoming event invites, school awards, etc up. there is a long term one and a more short term board below it. then i have all my cookbooks over the microwave. the small coffins are both filled with cookie cutters and assorted cookie making supplies. a+ storage enh? :D you can also see where i have my laptop (hidden behind the ice cream maker are a tiny subwoofer and kitchen speakers. logitech $30, highly recommend. makes cooking awesome to watch hulu while doing, makes cooking SHOWS awesome and easy to watch, even makes the dishes fun because i watch tv. this is also why i am always in my kitchen on tinychat)

facing the sink, and a close up of the chandelier. it is made of glazed pottery with painted wooden fish hanging from it. hanging over the kitchen sink are the curtains i made. you can see how small the entire kitchen is from this angle. also plz note, i never see it from this height, i stood on a chair to take this hehe! also also, plz ignore the valentine's day stuff laying about, i haven't switched over to easter decorations yet (fuck st patricks day) we also have an old style rotary phone because the only people who ever call here are telemarketers ("sorry, i have a rotary phone and cannot dial that, good bye!") or kids for zane ("this phone plugs into the wall and she is downstairs. can you call her on her cell please?"). i obvs did not sweep before i took these.

the theme is sort of dia de los muertos meets spaceships meets matryoshka dolls meets colorful fish. or something to that effect. it is very much a merging of culture. above you can see the tardis cookie jar, the cookies out of this world cookie jar (that has a broken rocket top. i need to make a new one for it.) and various matryoshka measuring cups and toys. also our android tablet which we mainly use for cooking (digital recipe mate is an amazing android app if you like cooking + allrecipes. you have to import from allrecipes to it but it's a relatively easy process. been waiting for an allrecipes android app for like 3mo now. they keep promising they are working on it on twitter.) also shown: the fridge, always maximum space utilized. below is my beloved ufo bowl set. the top turns into another bowl, but together they are a ufo to save space. i love it. im going to paint it silver eventually. (or t least the top (bottom of the top) of it)

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