February 24th, 2011

pacman inkee

a lonely bench

DSC_0027.JPG, originally uploaded by hep.

oh my god lj why is my heater breaking ON THE EVE OF THE COLDEST DAY IN OVER 30 YR. swear to fkn god. luckily we have like 100 electric space heaters, but srsly not what i needed right now. i have to finish all my work today so i can take tmrw off if it DOES snow, and i need to do all my normal thursday stuff too. plus bed down all the animals for temps lower than they are used to. so here is another pic i took in golden gate park a week or so ago. one of the small ponds in infrared. this was a long exposure. i love the way the wind left trails over the pond. i also love that the lilypads and growth on the pond surface glows light.