March 11th, 2011

pacman inkee

tunnel gate

tunnel gate, originally uploaded by hep.

other parts of the country get snow days, we get tsunami days here. evan's school is closed due to being in the potential inundation zone and also a designated red cross shelter, which is fine because i was keeping evan home sick anyway.hopefully we will all still be here in an hour when this tsunami hits. jokes aside, my heart goes out to all those in japan who have lost loved ones. <3 to all. may your day be less hectic than mine.

pacman inkee

tsunami news

we are still here and all is well on bayside. for locals and others who want to keep track of whats going on in the various harbors, the merc is running a pretty decent liveblog which is collecting updates from up and down the california coast. people in scruz: let us know you are ok, particularly those of you living on boats. people in saus: i assume you guys are fine, even those of you on boats. pacifica people: let us know if you are currently on evac, and also, if people need help please let me know. we can probably take one family in.

people looking to help those in japan, as always there is the red cross or my favorite doctors without borders and americares is also organizing donations and needed supplies.