April 16th, 2011

pacman inkee

roof party

roof party by hep
roof party, a photo by hep on Flickr.

fff i only have like 3mins then i need to run back over the mountain range to pacifica to meet zoe for lunch during her cheerleading clinic. last night i totally failed to meet writewrongs because fucking caltrain fucking hit someone. i am really sad someone parked on the tracks again (and believe me, i know the pain of losing someone to a train accident) but perhaps it is getting to be the time when we realize that street track crossings are not in fact the best way to go anymore and invest in some train rail overpass infrastructure already. jfc it should not take yuriy quicker to bike from mountain view to south city than to take the train.

instead we all rolled out to some rooftop dot.com party. who has those anymore? complete with pitch in the elevator on the way up. my new fisheye lens got here yesterday so expect a decent fisheye workout over the next few weeks. infinitepest i am sorry i did not make it to your thing, all my friends were too wasted, and yuriy wasn't wasted enough to consider dealing with the castro on a friday night (aka walking in the streets because the sidewalks have turned into a rager)

instead we did our usual of all end up at t12's place, aka The Lab, until the wee hours in the morning at which point Yuriy and I headed home to sleep a few short precious hours before getting up at 6am to get zoe to cheercamp/fishing. tonight is likely to be a repeat of last night since we have an artkrew meet and then the wasted patrol is planning on heading out and spreading wastedness over the greater bay area. i will, as usual, be DD. then tmrw i need to again be up by 6am so i can get zoe to zoo training on time, and spend the day fishing lower sloat. hope all your weekends are less busy than mine. also hope fucking ups gets their shit together and gets my new tripod here instead of sending it to fucking socal like they already did.

also plz vote for wendy aka my gf demure. thxu!