June 11th, 2011

pacman inkee

graduate and bff

graduate and bff by hep
graduate and bff, a photo by hep on Flickr.

ok. i have another insane day today (my aunt's mother in law passed away a few years back and we have been cleaning out her house getting it ready for escrow. this weekend is the big estate sale at which i am on deck for helping. if anyone in the area wants some gorgeous deco and mid-century furniture, i highly recommend coming by today. 40th ave and wawona!) so even with the graduation yesterday, and the all day, and the dance, and the starting at three, and the going to midnight, and the etc, i managed to find some time to start going through the dance images while waiting for zoe to get home from the post-graudation dance movie outing with all her friends last night.

this is probably my current favorite photo of any of the kids. i was making zoe have some pics taken of her outfit halfway through the dance because between all the hurry and the setup we didn't get a chance to shoot any of her in her lovely dress. then evan decided to photobomb her shot and make his lizard face, and she made her "i am so over this" mad face, and the resulting photo just cracks me up every time i look at it. this is so our xmas card next year (i will pchop zane in!)