July 24th, 2011

pacman inkee

kori and pal

kori and pal by hep
kori and pal, a photo by hep on Flickr.

work work work. i have been pretty mia from the internet over the past few days. the reason is because i am on contract shooting for Adobe at the new Photoshop & You pop-up store in union sq in sf. if you are bay local, you should stop in and see me and have your picture shot! we can print it on a large format poster (canvas or photo paper), or have it laser engraved on a metal dogtag or 2gig usb jumpdrive. you may also just upload it to fb or the social networking site of your choice!

today my whole crew rolled down to watch me work (aka lol at me falling off chairs). nullcherri and kori came down. asm, barnaby, kevin, and danh also showed up. t12 was graciously our lightroom tech for the day, and also a roving second shooter on the leica pro rig (i want one.) yoshio also brought the girls by on the way home from picking zoe up at cheer camp and i also made them pose for me despite being exhausted. evan has been interning for the duration as my assistant and getting some really invaluable experience, references, and a decent portfolio if he ever wanted to go pro.

it has been a really fun experience so far despite working non-stop 12-14hr days most of the time (full shooting day during store hours then handling the industry after-hours parties). i forgot how fun true creative portraiture can be (ie not standardized headshots style portraits. no corp "smiles only" policy here!) and how fun it can be to work with other creative people. not that i will be going back into doing a lot of portraits anytime soon, but it's nice to know that i can fall right back into it without any rampup time.

hope all is well in lj land! come visit me in the studio if you are local or visiting over the next few weeks! <3

pacman inkee

me @ work

nullcherri took this pic of me in the studio today. for those going "wtf hep ur a midget" i am standing on a chair. :< this is p much how i always shoot unless i am standing on the forklift (true fax. in my other studio my stepladder is a forklift)

t12 took this pic of me and evan on the store floor today before we all broke for the day. we are like running on 3hr of sleep a night for 4day so thats why we look exhausted. stylish ponybun no? this was shot on a $30K leica. i still <3 my subcompact nikons more.