September 16th, 2013

pacman inkee

so on to the blogging

Hi all new friends! I have an intro post here and a bonus intro tag with tons of other info. add 4yr to that intro post. My oldest has now graduated and is an astrophysics major at our local college.

WEEKEND: So this weekend was completely fkn non-productive. I wanted to clean my house. It has just been steadily sliding more and more into disaster zone all summer as our summer has been even crazier than usual. With the girls working a ton at the zoo, and GISHWHES, and all the other stuff we did, I have really only been doing maintenance cleaning since spring. I was hoping to really get in and clean a lot this weekend, but little bullshit tripped me up. First: the kitchen needs way more than one weekend alone. Second: The garage needs to be reorganized so more bullshit can go down there. Third: I actually spent all weekend dealing with bullshit that should have taken 5min but instead took 3hr (like getting our redundant phone line canceled with tmobile, literally on the phone for 3hr.) I really need to get on it though because football season starts Friday and Zoe is doing cheer again this year, which means football every friday for the foreseeable future.

WORK: we are right in the middle of post-fashion week. I hate fashion week. I hate fashion. Remind me why I put myself through this again. Other than that things are going ok. I have a ton of projects. I am hoping to put two of them to bed this week, barring any last min changes. I am tired of the Marissa Mayer vogue shoot. So tired. WHYYYYY. I love *fashion* as in the clothes and creativity but I hate fashion, as in the apparatus that surrounds that. The bridge is finished and opened. I didn't have to shoot the opening ceremony which was awesome. I still have several months on that job tho as I document the teardown of the old bridge. I am going to pick up several pieces of it for me and other family, and for Heather, so if you want a piece of the old bay bridge speak up and I will try to snag one for you.

KIDS: Girls are back on weekend shifts at the zoo (my two younger children, Zane 14, and Zoe 16, both work at the SF Zoo as Jr. Zoologists. It's kind of a huge responsibility, you have to compete for places with like 40 other kids per spot, and it's treated like a real job even tho it is all volunteer. They both plan on being biologists or vets so this is really important to their college and work experience plans.) Zoe is also taking journo this year, which is AWESOME and I am so excited she is following in my footsteps (literally on the same paper I did journo on since I went to her high school) but again, no free time. Zane has started high school at Evan's old high school (btw he graduated with honors, I don't remember if I ever posted that.) and loves it. She spends most of her free time working on her game of thrones blog and tweeting as a raven on twitter. She decided against doing cross country this year so as to settle into high school. Good thing too because, since her school is project based and on block schedule, there is WAY more work than she is used to handling, so she has been working on trying to balance her work load and life load.

HOUSE: I need to clean it. I need to clean my garage. At least the reorg in the girls' room is done, much easier to move around in there with all the room now. Evan's room is next (mostly this is just moving old unused stuff out and getting new furniture. We bought a truck so I just mine the craigslist free section for furniture pieces that we need hehe!) I want this all handled before XMAS, and ideally before Halloween, because I want there to be room for all the new shit that will come in. I also need to rebuild the chicken coop before winter sets in. We recently redid the tortoise habitat, brought him into the dining room entryway, and he is much happier.

LOVE: Yuriy and I are awesome. We recently celebrated our 8th anniversary. He is still working at the same horrible job, but I am prodding him to get a new one. That soviet work ethic man, 20yr after communism fell, still can't get out of the mental gulag. We have been camping a ton this year now that we have a truck. In October we plan on going up to see demure and the newest lil baby to join our internet family. Very excite.

ANIMALS: dog doing well. cats all doing well. found another kitten on the side of the road, and Zoe won't let me give her away now that she is rehabilitated from being a feral. Other cats are all well even tho tiney is still a horrible little snot. Tortoise is much happier now that everyone gives him dandelion leaves every time they pass. soon he is gonna be too fat for his shell.