September 18th, 2013

pacman inkee

complaints to things that have annoyed me in the last 48hr

1. Layout Job changed printers on the day we were going to press. I've only spent a month doing this job to the specific specs of the printer we were going to use. So far: 4 extra hours of work and we haven't even gone into preflight yet.

2. People keep fkn trying to merge on top of me, then getting mad that I am just goin' along in my lane, as you do. The fact that you can't exit at the last second isn't my problem, bro.

3. At one of my photo jobs today my boss brought like 100 people into my studio as I was trying to work, "to watch how cool it is". Then got all surprised that I didn't want to work with a ton of people all up in my space. Especially as I was working with a model (meaning having to direct via voice from across the studio) and not just shooting shit on the table. Fkn warn me next time and I will be happy to arrange it so I can shoot some bullshit "cool shoot" stuff that doesn't fkn matter don't fkn do it when I have 5 boxes of inventory to move through. So I went home early.

4. I might have a kidney stone. I can't even wear pants right now because the pressure is too much.

5. The PG&E guy saw me in my underwear. Because no pants. Don't judge me, electribro.

6. Yuriy has a work dinner thing this evening that I really want to go with him to, but kidney stone. I don't want to have to spend the whole night gritting my teeth to keep from crying. And I will have to wear pants.

Things that are keeping me from killing all humans:

1. und1sk0 scored me a free work ticket to go with him to see "The Fifth Estate" tomorrow evening which will be super fun, perfect company to see it with, and awesome because Yuriy totally won't go see it with me anyway.

2. Not working today means I can hobble around my dining room and continue organizing it. Aces.

3. I found space leggings and space tights at Target for super cheap.