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Hello Livejournal! i bet you missed me! I am posting solely to brag about how hot my boyfriend is. This is because I am super sad since he lives in OC and went home wed. Looks like I will be doing a lot of driving in the next few months until I inject enough hepdrugs into his system so he is completely addicted and is forced to move up here. you may remember him from posts such as this which I will also img src here because it is so hawt:


such pretty eyes im not even scared of them

pwning my sk. mmm hackerboys

dont i look happy? totally retarded

ob myspace blur pic

Look mom I have my own indie boy!!!

i let him take my clockwork orange shirt. my FAVORITE shirt that I have had my almost entire life and belonged to my brother. it is from the ORIGINAL time of the movie and thusly older than I am. almost every exbf has tried to steal it from me, and many friends as well and I have never ever loaned it to anyone. man im so pwnd

ps long distance sux :( anyone driving down to LA/OC in the next few months who wouldnt mind a hephiker, plz advize. structurefall and aempirei i am looking at you.

campathon post forthcoming when all the pix are up.
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You have the house *and* the clockwork orange shirt.

I am sooo envious.

He does have pretty eyes. 'Course, I'm a sucka for blue eyes. It doesn't matter if they're a woman's or a man's. They're all pretty to me. :D
Re: look it's hep and her indie boytoy!
no way! my socks NEVER match and there is no way I would wear those shoes. I only wear vision street wear shoes!
awwwwww so cute! being pwned is fun tho. <3

(and yes, you do look very happy!)
Wow, he is so hot that I'm not going to Adblock all of those pics off of my friends page.
He's no hotter than your last b/f

(b3w4r3 my 1337 ph0t0sh0p skilz)
wow that was fast! Hep is the uber pimp. I will totally road trip to lalaland with you at some point in the near future.

p.s. I just got tix to Liz Phair at the Fillmore 11/08 and you should come with me.
You don't waste time.
Where's he live down here? I wanna go sex him up.

Anyway let me know if you're coming down. During sex breaks you should come have coffee with the degenerates at D's.
why dint noone told me regulate was xnumbersx?
hep Im sorry :(

i actually got home late last night (around 12) and came back to work just about 2 hours ago.

im sorry. i hope you had a great time, and maybe next time we'll have a blast. what's your boy doing down here anyways?