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Sry I have been absent, but I am extremely busy doing important crap right now. TWO THINGS FOR YOUR ATTN:

1. Do you want $10,000USD? All you have to do is find pm's blog! Details on this gay internet treasure hunt here: http://sneakerz.org/

2. SF Residents: pissed about the Muni Fare hikes, layoffs, and all over degradation of service in the name of profit? Go here: http://www.socialstrike.net and help bring back laid off drivers and reduce fares back to $1.25.

3. Lastly, having served a year as your president with jameth as your VP, we feel we deserve another year. Plz go here and vote us in for another year of LOLZ under the Dramacratic Party. Even NOLA wants us back:

Tags: meme, muni, pm is a fgt, sf

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