I feel sorry for people born on September 11th, because instead of getting a birthday present and a Patriot Day present, they just get one.
Mine says "11 - Remember to buy groceries".

Actually looking at it, mine says Patriot Day too :(
Well, sooner or later, someone will go screaming into the depths of classlessness. Witness the 'Freedom fries' debacle.

Which company made your calendar?
Sad, but true, at least on my day planner (the "At A Glance" 2005/2006 collegiate planner). My calendar ("Pulp Attack" by Tushita) says Grandparent's Day...so I guess you're really getting shafted out of three presents.

Here's the resolution from...December 2001? Man, they got that in quick!
how many firemen does it take to screw in a lightbulb in the basement of the world trade center?

one, if he's on the 72nd floor and works really quickly..
Shit. I've been looking for that valentine for a week. Thank you for posting it.