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Poll #577045 mother

in your opinion, is the character of Mother in the movie Sneakers an homage reference to the character Molly's codename of "Mother" in the book Neuromancer by William Gibson?

i didnt see Sneakers (I am retarded)
i didnt read Neuromancer (I am a loser)
tbh, i doubt it. isn't mother kind of a jokingly-used code name for things like this? i suppose gibson could have started it, but i thought it predated the book.
true like andrew said below it could also be a reference to Alien which came out in 1979 and Neuromancer came out in 1984. I was thinking along the lines of a hacker movie paying homage to a hacker book tho.
i thought about that but i was looking at the writers and they didn't seem very hackery.

i do find it amusing that they got leonard adleman (rsa) to be a tech advisor by letting his wife meet robert redford.
True. Alien came out in 1979 and Neuromancer came out in 1984.
the script doesn't really indicate anything towards the name referenced from neuromancer's use of "mother". i'd like to hear an argument for the references being related... i can't come up with anything myself other than "well gee yeah that'd be kewl, kind of".