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Some upcoming SF events I am thinking about hitting:

  • Fri 10/14 Matt Gonzales [Green Party Activist, SF Supervisor, District 5, and Mayoral Runner Up 2003] and Leila Salazar [ChevronToxico/Clean Up Ecuador campaign organizer at AmazonWatch] are speaking as part of the So How Do You Become an Activist? series at New College of California. "So how do you become an activist? is a monthly series in which local activists share their experiences and influences that helped them become effective forces for change - also discussing So What Do We Do Now?". 7pm, $3-5 donation.

  • Sat 10/15: The The sixth annual YABA Treasure Hunt . 10am at Peacock Meadow very close to Stanyan Street, just off JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park.

  • Sat 10/15: Graveyard Games Tombstone Hold 'Em Tournament (read up on the rules) The Italian Cemetery in Colma City between 1:30 PM and 2 PM. (540 F Street, Colma, CA 94014, 2
    blocks from Colma BART station)

  • Wed 10/19: dorkbot. 7:30pm @ SFSU. Mike Estee will be speaking about DIY hardware engineering, Michael Shiloh will be presenting his linux robots, and ioerror will be talking about something cool that he hasn't decided on it but will be cool I am sure.

  • Thu 10/20: MEAT at the DNA.
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