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Because I'm "indie" I've seen the process a million times: Personal ambition => criticism of marginal 'elitist' forms => irony as expression of ambivalence (but mostly attraction) towards mainstream => indie media as wooden horse => insurgents converge indie media towards mainstream models => insurgents eventually gain place for themselves in mainstream media, but leave the vehicle of their entryism weakened and in identity crisis => indie media eventually acquired, predated, closed.

That is the most brilliant and right on sentence I think I have ever read. Of course by being accepting of it I am helping to initiate the next cycle of self-deprecating irony, but the irony in that is delicious my dear.

If you don't read (and/or) listen to imomus you are missing out on being able to angrily say later "I was totally read momus before he was >1000 friend of." not only will you get major old school e-points but also +5 self-deprecating irony and/or street cred acceptance points depending on your current irony scene index. just so ya know.

Also ALSO. go watch THIS right now. It's a discovery channel show about SHARKS which JUMP OUT OF THE WATER to eat seals. They are the coolest ever. hello why are you still even reading and not over there watching? SHARKS JUMPING OUT OF WATER PEOPLE. JUST LIKE THE STUPID JAWS RIDE AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ONLY MINUS THE WHOLE MADE OF PLASTIC AND 1/10 SPEED. I can not believe you are still even here.

I know everyone hates the myspace profile music embed thing, but my awesome boyfriend has invented and perfected the new artform of making volume slider/rr button/ff/button/track total slider usage for crossfade, scratching and mixing from people's myspace profile music embeds. Right now he is mixing "Nobody does it better", some kind of opera, with a little acapella emosoul singing, a little girl chanting and some jazzy slow beat. and a piano solo. It's awesome I swear. but totally not as awesome as those SHARKS JUMPING OUT OF WATER AMIRITE? I am going to record some and throw it up later and will totally give you the myspace music profile so you can totally be able to sneer "I started listening back when hep first posted the myspace music profile of whatever-regulate-names-his-"band"-plz-advize" when this is the next big music genre underground scene turns major trend exploitation to justify why you still listen to it even tho it SO JUMPED THE SHARK, ok? even you over there, the one who keeps claiming you never read but tail -f says instead you refresh repeatedly. At least be honest about your e-jealousy/superiority and leave it on your flist. it's more lol that way anyway. Who people "look down on" (secretly compare themselves against) says a lot about themselves I think. Not sure what tho. Wow almost a deep moment there. Glad we avoided it because I am too ADHD and got caught up watching that shark video again when I said jumped the shark.

By the totally unrelated way does any one know any windows based programs that would capture all audio output cause I use a mac and someone is just too stubborn to admit that Macs are better at SOMETHING. Perhaps that can be an ironic trackname.

The Gods of Advertising and Mainstream Media punished me for not being a mainstream computerconsumer today. Regulate and I were looking up shows to see and saw one playing at the "HP Pavilion". Since I could think of more than one Pavilion in the Bay Area and don't really watch tv or listen to the radio I had no idea which Pavilion has sold out. Thank god SF voters approved a ban on renaming Candlestick from Candlestick at the end of Monster's lease. At least Monster Park is better than 3com tho. I can tell people "Take the Monster Exit" to get to my place. RAWR HEPZILLA STOMP 3COM BUILDING. GREAT HEP SHARK JUMP OUT OF WATER YOU DIE!

don't fuck with me man.

ALSO also: Who wants to bonfire at ocean beach this weekend? Whichever night is nicest.
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man, it's even fucked up in my browser, & i use lynx.

she somehow managed to link [USER'S] FRIENDS PAGE at the top. i am confused.
OH, hah. i thought lj might have something like IAM does, where shannon keeps posting ?(home) & it pops up as your page on the site.

also i'm tired & malnourished today, therefore allowed to not remember html haqz. :D
s'ok, we forgive you by virtue of totally awesome hair icon :D re: failing saving throw vs. html

(I am very drunk, I will apologize in advance for any unwelcome hilarity.)
s'ok, we forgive you by virtue of totally awesome hair icon :D

i have this one, too. :D
holy crap, seriously, you have like the coolest hair ever :D

i have boring white guy hair. i'm thinking electric blue is in order. i'm not sure if the uptights at my work will like it, but i'm kind of in the mood for a new job or shaving my head, so it's kind of a win-win.
yeah, thanks. more pics are here, here... here is my tribute to sin city, et cetera.

come on over, i'll do your hair for you. SFX has some gorgeous deep blues. try "blue velvet".
dunno, fl is kind of a drive from austin. ;)

thanks for the dye rec, i will look into that. i'm probably going to be \m/ omg punk rock \m/ for halloween with my guitar and leathers and all that or something. (i'm a programmer at a really straight-laced financial services company. it pays the bills, but mother of crap those people are so boring. like fight club, icons in cornsilk blue, weapons-grade boring.)
actually i think there are some plugins for winamp that will record all audio output from the sound card.
By the totally unrelated way does any one know any windows based programs that would capture all audio output

uhhhh..."record all audio output"?
i'm guessing you mean record full duplex.. as in.. record what the soundcard is playing in realtime.. as in (let me guess) you want to record your boyfriend's myspace music scratch thing.

yeah. but it's not app dependent it's HW dependent. not necessarly sobriety dependent, but certainly common sense depenedent. and he has to take his hands out of his pants for it to work. not sure what soundcard you got but fuck! try it.
Control Panel>Sounds and Audio>Audio tab. set your record and playback to the same device... if you happen to have multiple audio devices which many ppl do... under "sound playback" hit the volume button to launch the mixer.
options>properties>select "recording" check "sterio mix", hit ok. click "Select" under the "sterio mix" level bar.. turn up the level.

Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder.

go nuts. :)
Haha, Myspace and music scrat....WAIT YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?
I'm probably going to send my resume to the people that bought out LJ[1] here pretty soon, roll the dice, etc. but if I end up in the bay area I'd like to buy you two a drink or twelve for all the great lolz and memes.

[1] mainly because i hate php and miss perl. and am so tired of texas.
I tried reading Momus. After about 20 entries about his fabulously fabulous life and the fabulous people he knows, with maybe 1 that had something of interest, I gave up. He restates the obvious with style and gets too much credit for it, like a Malcolm Gladwell of pop music. Ptui.
Not only read, but been flamed by Momus in his own journal! Score: a bazillion irony points!
It had to be said at some point...
In Soviet Russia, shark jumps YOU!
Re: It had to be said at some point...
It sounds like there may be some better/l33ter ways for doing this above, but when I wanted to record the sound of something weird on my computer that I couldn't capture any other way, I would use the program "TotalRecorder."

It's a totally screwed up program though. It makes you install these different (crappier) sound card drivers and reboot. They're easy to uninstall later, but it's annoying. Also, if you're using their trial version, they'll insert a mind-shattering screech into the audio at intervals of about 1 minute or so. Creative types will just record the same thing twice, starting at different points, and splice them together around the screeching.

So, uh, there's probably much better options than that one, but there it is.
By the totally unrelated way does any one know any windows based programs that would capture all audio output
     total recorder is the way to go. A++, would pirate again.
i would love to drop by if there's a bonfire this weekend. i wouldn't be able to stay for that song but it'd be nice to see you.