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A small collection of links from the internet:

  • daily conspiracy theoryreality
  • daily secret government organization
  • everyone and their brother aimed me this link so I assume it's old meme to the entire internet but here: pi
  • local friends: plz get on dodgeball post haste. It makes spontaneous gatherings so much easier.
  • all friends: I updated inkee with new foaf links and stalker info. Plz advize and friend me on all networks. I must be connected to the entire internet. Thank you, the management
  • essential furniture:

    someone buy me this for some holiday ok? thx
  • i stole most of these links from substitute as usual
  • Current Music: Cheap Trick - Surrender
no i didnt! its on there as fster (didnt have room for the whole word)
yeah, I was on it when it first started.. it was alright.

but I meant I was expecting hot hardcore hep fisting action
Heh, so it is.

Y'know, I feel a real itching need to start one of those up just so that you'd feel compelled to join it.
I WANT that table - the tree table on the website looks pretty neat too.