AHHHHHG you have a tongue that is not yours invading your face hole!
you weren't at dorkbot, lamer. Was regul8? thought I recognized him, but didn't want "AHHH STALKER" - also, calling people by their nicks when you don't know their IRL names is lame. "Are you fluffy panda?"

Happened to me me recently, and it was a coworker, no less. He bumped into eachother at Dead Can Dance and he introducd me to his wife as "graymalkn, from Livejournal," (only I don't think he managed to verbalize the lj user tag). The sad thing is that got much more of an "Oh!" reaction than, "This is Erik from work," would have. Or maybe that isn't so sad, considering it's work.
I was too antisocial for dorkbot. We hung out with pascal instead. regulate was with me tho. all those hipster emo kids look alike.
tongue photo = dirty hot

your beau is looking more & more like isaac brock the more black & white he becomes.
yeah, i was going to say you'd need to chub him up, but i'd put them on even keel with cuteness.

actually, isaac brock circa 2000 was pretty skinny!
you're adorable, as always.

but i have to say, people who flip off cameras have always annoyed me. i dunno why, i just think it looks absolutely retarded.
Is that the man you're blackmailing...errr you bf? :P
yeah. tom delay :D:D:D

seeing your boyfriends tongue D:D:D:
Awww @ old picture. You were so cute.

dude you should totally get that little scroll design at the end of those pitchurs tattooed above your ass crack.

tramp stamp lollers.