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CIA SABOTAGE MANUAL, originally uploaded by Mickie Flick.

The original document on which this one is based was a sabotage manual produced by the United States Central Intelligence Agency for distribution in Nicaragua in the 1980’s. It was hoped that if enough disenfranchised individuals undertook activities that subverted economic stability, the Leftist government would be more easily overthrown. The manual described itself as “a practical guide to... paralyzing the military-industrial complex... without having to use special tools and with minimal risk for the combatant.”

I'm proud to say I've own a printed copy for about 15 years. It is indeed full of such useful tips as just which people in a town should be asassinated and how to talk to the peasants to make them think you're one of them.
English. Copies might still be available for order. I think I got mine through Northn Sun Merchandising.
Hey, I got one of those. Picked it up at an "anarchist" book store in NYC about ten years ago. In English. A hoot!
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