pacman inkee


I just fished the 1 Ring in WoW:

The 1 Ring
Binds when equipped
Requires Level 10
+1 Strength
+1 Agility
+1 Stamina
+1 Intellect
+1 Spirit
Item Level 15
"Not quite as good as the 2 Ring"

I also fished the 22lb Catfish, 19lb Catfish, and 17lb Catfish. It has been a good fishing day.
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Oh lord, WoW addiction is contagious.

Weren't you the one that was making posts about his fiendish behavior?
omg so old meme.. my lvl 60 totally found this drop while auto-fishing in winterspring PS rpgs are for nerds.

ps i think regulate is going to kill me in my sleep for the ring. he keeps muttering about his precioussssssssssssssss
level 10 in like a week is pretty damn awesome hen....i "completed" WoW a few months back, having reached lvl only took me 3 months! yeah, go me >.<


p.s get guild wars. almost as good but FREE!
Guildwars is blasphemy. Warcrack ftw, nub. Only 50k more xp til the ever-beautiful ding of 60...
omglols! Doomed!!1

You rolled a Horde toon, I hope.

--Occipitus, 60 Troll Mage, Illidan
I want! I'd trade my voodoo mask for it if I could :(
They got you too! Damn it, I fish too. Damn.

Bloodscalp here :) I like the PVP battlegrounds way too much.
ooo i LOVE battlegrounds. you know when I picture WoW players, you are like, the LAST person who comes to mind!@ THEY DONT HAVE PRADA IN WOW hehehe
I'm on Illidan too - are you horde or alliance? BTW fishing rocks!

Pasey - NE Priest
i am horde, undead warlock! FOR THE HOOOOOOOOORDE hehehe if you are alliance get me a cat! i want one so bad!